Community Service

I have through the years been interested in blending my professional life with the work of communities with which I have contact and long engagement. Having spent many years in experiential learning I have always been interested in bringing experiential learning into the regular classroom. I have found this fulfilled through Service-Learning. In this exciting pedagogy students learn course content through opportunities for service that meets genuine community needs while allowing for intentional reflection.  I have also found fulfillment in connecting resources with those places, communities, and individuals who need and can utilize them. For over ten years I was part of a commitment to support the community where I grew up in Kenya. Below is a short overview of that work. I have also tried to share my own experiences in higher education with youth who are aspiring for opportunities in higher education as students and later as scholars in their own merit. This has included presentations and mentoring.  

 Mutuuma Primary School: Since the late 1990s I was involved in an ongoing project at this school in Meru, Kenya which I attended for five years. I value the role that each one of us can play in investing in a community that helped make us who we are today. Supporting Mutuuma was for me one way to share some of my own gifts and resources while also encouraging children from the school to aspire for life beyond their immediate circumstances. In 2005, 2007 and 2011 I led a team of students friends, and my family members to what we called Harambee trips in which we raised funds and visited Mutuuma and participated in classroom renovations, book and desk purchases, and just taking the opportunity to have cross-cultural interactions as we grappled with questions of what makes us human.