Have some passages in the Quran been abrogated?


The abrogation or substitution of some rules revealed by God is not new. Depending

On the situation the rule can change. Some examples of this:

1.       The marriage of  brothers and sisters during Adam's time was allowed. It was later on prohibited.

2.       God ordered the Golden Calf worshippers to kill themselves. Later on, God forgive them.

Since both the New Testament and the Old Testament were revealed by God, the rules shouldn't have changed. As we all know, many rules have changed some abrogated and some substituted. This is all because the situation has changed.

The Quran was revealed over a period of 23 years. Some rules were applicable when Muslims were few are no longer acceptable after they had their own state. An example of this change is in the prohibition of alcohol. It went through three stages: from being ok but not recommended, to being prohibited near and during prayer time, to being totally forbidden. The three are all still mentioned in the Quran.

In all three religions of God, the main commandments did not change: worshiping God alone, prohibition of killing innocent people, prohibition of adultery, and so on. On the other hand, the punishment had changed depending on the situation.