My performance involves a mix of music, story and imagination with the help of my stuffed animal friends. Through student participation in action songs and dialogue we cover the concepts of rhythm and rhyme and the importance of cooperation, friendship and family. From "Tooth Fairy" and "My Teddy Bear" to "Babies are Gross" I cover relevant life experiences for my audience in a positive, interactive and imaginative way.

The children are able to not only learn new songs but to connect to the curriculum through music to math and language and to the visual arts by being encouraged to translate their favourite songs into drawings. This early introduction to the arts also demonstrates the possibilities for children to participate as a part of a group, to work together and to see music as an outlet for expressing and communicating their emotions.

My 40 minute presentation is geared to the primary grades and is usually performed in the classroom setting with 2 to 3 classes in attendance. Most schools book a session for before and after lunch to accommodate the morning and afternoon kindergarten groups.

I ask the children to "BYOB", bring your own bear. The bear theme of my performance works well with bear units and teddy bear picnics. My love of bears, my sense of humour and love of language and children all come through in my performance. I like to tell the children that "you are never too old to hug a bear" and I am able to share that growing up doesn't mean giving up your imagination.

I send a copy of my CD to the school for the children to become familiar with my material. I also offer the school a CD sales program where $5.00 from each CD sold is donated back to the school.

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