Mr. Watts


After a successful career in industry as an electrical engineer, programmer and engineering manager I was given the opportunity to come back to high school to encourage others along their way. I spent 8 incredible years at Olympus High School, learning along with students and teachers alike. Unfortunately, that also has come to an end as I deal with some ongoing health challenges.

My greatest satisfaction is being able to make a difference in someone else's life. I look forward to finding other ways to continue to contribute.

Pre-Engineering Courses

In cooperation with the University of Utah and Dr. Stacy Firth, I have been able to help develop two new courses: Engineering Principles, and Engineering Design Capstone. These courses teach critical problem solving skills as they explore a broad range of engineering disciplines and help prepare students for the various college engineering programs.

Computer Science Courses

Nearly every aspect of our lives is affected by computers, and yet as a nation we a falling short in preparing students for life with computers. Exploring Computer Science and AP Computer Science Principles are two new classes designed to help students understand computers and their implications on society. Web Development 1 and Web Development 2 focus on designing web pages. Web Development 1 was added to my class list in 2021 and we hope to be offering Web Development 2 in 2022.

Other Resources

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