This year, what?º-eso
BPI, junio 2015

This year you will be working on a project under the name of PROGRESS. You are going to be working on this topic in different subjects. 

In English, you are going to try and deal with "progress" from different perspectives: progress in people, progress in societies and criticism to progress. To help us to such an aim you are going to read "Romeo and Juliet", "All About Ireland" and "Dracula"We are going to be watching different films in class and listening to music (yes, what would life be without music?).

 Furthermore, you will also find out that progress has, many times, a dark side. You will be looking at different graffities from London graffiti artist Banksy and drawing your own conclusions. 

You will be carrying out different tasks towards a final product, a website in which you will have to explain what progress means and implies. This website will be shared with the world at the end of the academic year (fingers crossed!). Also, you will be presenting your work to your parents, teachers and school fellows during the cultural week.


Working on this project you will be developing most of the skills needed for acquiring meaningful learning nowadays such as the linguistic, digital, social, cultural and artistic competences, learning to learn how to learn, personal autonomy and determination, among others. 
Besides, you will be practising many of the contents needed for 3º ESO:
  • Listening ant talking
  • Reading and writing
  • Language knowledge (tenses, adjectives, connectors, vocabulary related to everyday life,...)
  • Sociocultural aspects
It seems a lot of work, right? Well, no need to get scared. First, you have already worked on some projects with me before and did a great job and second, you will be working slowly but never looking backward, only forward. 

Subject: English
Academic level: 3º ESO
School: IES Vicente Medina, Archena (Murcia)
Author: Inma López