Fifth Grade Science Field Day

5th Grade Science Class

                                                          Slideshow photos by Jack Anderson
This is a cooperative program between the Randolph County Board of Education, WV DNR, US Fish & Wildlife Service, US Forest Service, the Mountaineer Institute and the Mountaineer Chapter
Each year all fifth grade students are divided into several groups of about 50 students.  Half the groups take part in the fall and half in the spring.  Each group spends a day at the Mountaineer Chapter facilities where several different nature-related and conservation classes are taught by professionals.
The Mountaineer Chapter provides the lodge and 1000 acres of property including 2 native brook trout streams for use in the classes.  We also provide a free lunch for about 350 students and 100 instructors and assistants each year. 
This program has been extremely popular with the students and teachers.  In addition, as time goes on it will provide the opportunity to have every Randolph County student exposed to on the ground studies of nature and conservation in action.  It also makes each student, parent and county teacher aware of the IWLA and its commitment to conservation.