Newsletter Back Issues


ASA Board policy: On-line issues are to be at least one year old.

The on-line newsletters prior to 2005 will generally have lower quality (especially the pictures) than the printed copy mailed to each member, with file sizes around 300 kb. Issues from March 2005 are the same as the issues emailed to members requesting it, with pictures in color, and will be 0.8 to 1.5 MB in size. Printed copies mailed to members will continue to have black and white pictures due to commercial printing costs.

Searching the back issues

Note: as of Dec. 20, 2009, the back issue search (method 2, below) appears to examine all issues again. Please let Eric Greenwell know if you have any search problems, because we still don't know what broke it, or what fixed it.

There are several ways to search...

1) [This method remains non-functional - sorry! Working on it.] Use the search box at the upper right corner of the site by selecting "ASA Newsletter search". This method provides a search of ONLY the back issues.

2) Using Google Custom Search: This method provides a search of ONLY the back issues! Note: Opens in a new window or tab (method 1 will replace this after more testing).

3) For May 1988 to Jan 1995, you may use this index. For Feb 1995 and later, we do not have an index. We encourage a member to volunteer to index these issues - please contact the Newslettereditor if you are interested.

4) Download the issues to your computer, then use a search utility that can search PDF format files. You can also open each issue in your PDF reader and search individual issues.

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