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2010 Parowan Soaring Camp

4th of July Parade in Parowan

Several SCUM (Sailplane Crew Union Members) entered a trailer in the annual Parowan city's 4th of July parade, then made a victory lap around the airport ramp. No, I don't think they won anything in the parade.

Parade participants included Lynn Owens, Diane Taylor, Lindsay Eddy, Joan Polinsky, Janet Walsh.

Video by Jennifer Ware.


ASA and the Parowan Parade slide show

People at the Parowan Parade.

Photos by Lindsay Eddy, slide show by Jennifer Ware.


Steve launches an eagle

2008 Parowan Soaring Camp

Steve Dee, ASA director, literally throws a rehabilitated eagle off a mountain side as it returns to it's life in the wild. Because it's early morning, the eagle flies dow n the mountain side, then lands in a small tree to wait for the thermals in the afternoon. Steve said h e could feel the eagle's heart beating as he carried it to the edge.

Steve won the drawing for the eagle "launch" during the
ASA's 2008 Parowan soaring camp. Many were envious of his good luck.

The eagle was rehabilitated by Martin Tyner of the Southwest Wildlife Foundation. For several years, he's brought an eagle, and often an owl, falcon, or hawk to an evening talk. Parowan participants hope he comes back next year.

2006 Parowan soaring camp

Look at these pictures (link opens in a new window). Included are pictures of Martin Tyner and his eagle, Scout (not the one released in the video above).