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Motorglider Links, Newsgroups, and Mailing Lists
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Soaring Society of America: The USA national soaring organization.
Touring Motor Glider Association
Dedicated to discussing and promoting touring motor gliders.
Discussion Groups
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No longer in use
The Auxiliary-powered Sailplane Association newsgroup
Schleicher Self-launching Sailplanes
Formerly the ASH 26 E motorglider owners group, it now serves owners of all the Wankel powered saiplanes, including the ASK 21 Mi, ASH 25 Mi, ASH 26 E, ASH 30 Mi, ASH 31 Mi, and ASG 32 Mi.
Carat motorglider Carat motorglider discussion group
Cumulus sailplane enthusiasts discussion group
Dedicated to Fournier motorgliders and their owners in the USA, and with links to European Fournier sites
Glider Forum A Web-based collection of soaring discussion groups, including specific motorglider types
Grob 109 Grob 109 motorglider association
DG Owners DG Flugzeugbau  motorglider owners (DG 400, DG 800 series, etc)
DG Solo engine users DG/Solo sailplane owners
LAK-17A (including Sustainer version) owners group
Monerai powered and unpowered gliders
Moni motorglider Moni motorglider discussion group
General discussion tending towards lighter weight, homebuilt, and touring motorgliders
Motorgliding discussions from South Africa
Monerai powered and unpowered gliders
Phoenix U15
Discussion forum for the Phoenix LSA touring motorglider
PIK 20 E
All PIK 20, including the 20 E motorglider
Red Tailed Hawk
The RTH is a USA Part 103 compatible, self-launching, ultralight home-built sailplane using an electric motor and folding propeller.
Russia AC-5M
Russia AC-5M motorglider and AC-4 glider
Silent self-launch sailplane discussion
Stemme S-10 owners - use email to apply for membership
Taifun 17E
Taifun 17E motorglider discussion
Taurus by Pipistrel
Owners and operators discussion forum for the Pipistrel
Ventus_2CM Ventus 2CM owners
Ultralight_Soaring Occasional motorglider discussion
Whisper Aircraft
A discussion forum for the Whisper motorglider
 Ximango Owners Group