Pete Williams Memorial


The picture and text above, written in 1998, are from Pete's book "Self-launch! Retractable Engine Sailplanes". He died in a traffic accident Feb. 11, 2005, on his way to the SSA convention in Ontario, California.

The plaque design, image and text were finalized in May with the help of many supporters including Pete’s wife Charm. We were unable to locate a picture of Pete’s glider with high enough image quality for reproduction so we lifted one from the cover of his book Self-Launch! Retractable Engine Sailplanes. This picture, which shows his glider during climb was then hand drawn in color by an artist and then applied to the top of the plaque by a process called ColorCast. As you can see from this picture of the completed plaque the process accurately copied the drawing in both detail and color. On October 15th the boulder and plaque were installed at the Minden Airport. A formal dedication took place in 2011.