Licensing and Training

Motorglider licensing FAQ (frequently asked questions).

Motorglider and pilot requirements defined (PDF document that complements the FAQ)

Need training or endorsements?

Please contact someone on the list below to discuss your situation.

If you know or find someone who is NOT on the list below, please have them contact me so I can add them to the list (and if someone on the list doesn't do it anymore, I'd like to know that, too). Thanks!

Eric Greenwell (509-578-8707) or email me)

Will travel

These instructors will travel to other locations - please see their announcement in the state listed here:

Rae (Bud) Williams (Alabama)

Phil Abrams (Arizona)

Russ Hustead (Arizona)

SKY SAILING™, INC (California)

Dieter Bibbig (Colorado)

Shawn Knickerbocker (Florida)

Dave McConeghey (Kansas)

Joe Dobronski (Missouri)

Stuart Lieber (Minnesota)

Robert J. Mudd (New Mexico)

Davey Amos (North Carolina

Grant Smith (Washington)

Some will also ferry aircraft.


Rae (Bud) Williams

Pegasus Aviation Services, LLC

Elmore (Montgomery), AL

CFI Glider (Self-Launch, Aero-Tow & Ground-Launch)

CFI Airplane, Instrument & Multiengine

ATP (ASMELS), CSIP (Avidyne & Perspective)

Motorglider training and self-launch endorsements per AC 61-94 available, will travel to your location.

Grob 109B 28:1, 2-place touring motorglider

$100/hr includes instructor.

I provide flight training at all levels, to include Self-launch & tail wheel endorsements, flight instruction and aircraft ferrying. Typical self-launch endorsement syllabus is 3-5 flight hours, depending on background and experience, plus ground training.

Come to my location or I will fly my motorglider anywhere in the USA to you for training ($100/hr) or travel to you to train you in your self-launch glider for low daily rate and expenses.

I am also an A&P/IA and provide A&P and inspection services.

Location: Elmore, AL

Phone: 334-294-2833 - cell



Phil Abrams


Tucson, AZ, or will travel to your location for self-launch endorsements, intro rides, etc.

Grob 109B 28:1, 2-place self-launching sailplane

$125/hr includes instructor.

Location: KTUS, Tucson, AZ

Phone: (520) 222-6084



Russ Hustead

Sky King Soaring LLC

Motorglider training and endorsements.

Aircraft: Katana Xtreme (expert), Pipistrel,  or your Stemme S-10 or Super Ximango

Location: Payson, AZ

Phone: 602 622-2257 cell

Cell: 602-622-2257


Web Site:


Williams Soaring

Training and motorglider endorsements in an ASH-32Mi, .

Call Williams Soaring at: 530-473-5600

Or email:



Williams Soaring

2668 Husted Road

Williams, CA 95987-5105

Oliver Dyer-Bennet


Training in a DG-505M, a high performance 50:1, 2-place self-launching sailplane. MG training & endorsements from a CFI/CFIG.

DG-505M $125 hr.

Instructor $50 hr.

3 hr. minimum per day.

Location: Sonoma Sky Park, CA & Minden, NV.

Phone: (707)942-5727, fax: (707)942-0885


Jeffery Hazlegrove

Motorglider training and endorsements

Location: Windsor, CA

Phone: 707-838-8901


John Fulton


Location: Berkeley, CA

Phone: 510-666-9076

Bud Schurmeier

CFIG/MG, Stemme S10-VT

Location: Fallbrook, CA

Phone: 760-941-3703



Let Your Heart Soar! We have a Stemme S10-VT to do motorglider endorsements on a regular basis. We have year-round soaring, open 7 days a week 9 to 5. Garret Willat is available to go to other places.

Location: 31930 Hwy 79, Warner Springs CA 92086

Phone: (760) 782-0404 fax 782-9251

email: see the website for the address (spam avoidance is the reason)


Rolf Peterson - see Nevada listing

Sport Pilot Examiner

Motorglider training and endorsements by Jon Thornburgh. Two Lambada UMF-13 and a Samba XXL motorgliders are available.

Location: Torrance Airport, Torrance, CA

Phone: 800-971-8710



Robert M. Riter

I do glider training in a HB-23. CFI-G.

Location: Torrance, CA

Riter Aviation

phone:  (310) 614-0759


Web Site:

Jennifer Foreman


I do glider training in your glider; currently, I have experience in the Diamond HK-36 series, Pipistrel and Stemme.

Location: Petaluma, CA


phone: (707) 778-6767

email: tsongololo at

Web Site:


Phil Ecklund


Location: Boulder, CO

Phone: 303-449-4300

Alfonso Ossorio

I am a CFI and DPE with a Motor glider endorsement.


Location: Boulder, CO


Phone: 303-665-4499


Jer Eberhard

Mountain Flying Aviation, LTD

Grob-109, Ximango and Stemme S10-VT training and endorsements in

customer's aircraft.  Mountain and ridge soaring and flying.  Steamboat

Springs and Salida, Colorado are favorites.

FAA Safety Team member.

Location: Fort Collins, CO

Phone: 970-231-6325




Roland Martin

I am offering motorglider instructions and rental of a Super-Ximango AMT-200

New Garden (N57) airport in south-east Pennsylvania, near Wilmington, Delaware.

Phone: 610-444-1266

web site:


Shawn Knickerbocker (6/2006)

Motorglider training available, will travel to your location. Touring motorglider training course on request to include the AMT-200 and 300, VA-17, Katana series, L-13 SEH. G-109, etc...

Annual & recurrent training available also. FAA DPE in motorgliders, can issue self-launch certificate (FAA) at the PVT/COMM level and self-launch endorsements as per A/C 61-94. Can help set up training programs also.

Phone: 904.269.5861 (Florida) cell: 904.382.9614

e-mail: FAADPE1604@AOL.COM

Roger Buchanan

May be able to give training and endorsements in your motorglider.

Location: Winter Haven, FL

Phone 863-307-4396


Jerry Owens

No current contact information. If you know his situation, please have him contact to update his entry here.

Eugene Zakharenkov 

No current contact information. If you know his situation, please have him contact to update his entry here.

Rand Vollmer (Contact information current as of 3/13/2023)

CFIG; LSRM A, WS, PP, and Glider 

Services available: Self-Launch Glider Training, new pilots, add a rating, and BFRs. All training conducted in your Pipistrel Virus or Sinus Gliders - or call to confirm availability of Rand's Glider

 Location: Zephyrhills (Tampa) Florida - Will travel

 Phone: (813) 774-2127



Tom Muller

Motorglider training and endorsements in a Ximango AMT 200.

Location:  Thomasville, GA

Phone: 229.221.4018 FAX 229.551.0984



Jeff Jobe - See Washington listing


Skill Aviation

Flight training in your motorglider. CFI-G: Roderick Read  847-970-0113

2346 West Beach Road

Waukegan, IL   60087-1530

Phone: 847-599-9955

Web site:


Please contact me if you know of any motorglider instructors in Indiana

Eric Greenwell -


Dave McConeghey (contact info valid as of 2/20/2023)

Motorglider Instruction and Delivery; 2 examiners available.

Experience in: RF4D, RF5B, Vivat, Grob 109, 109B, Taifun 17E, Scheibe Falke SF25C, SF28, Pipistrel Virus, SW, Sinus, Ximango, Lambada U13, Phoenix U15, Schweizer SGM-2-37, Dimona HK36, Brasov IS-28M2

Phoenix U15 Light Sport Available for Instruction and Rental.

Location: KAAO in Wichita, Kansas

Cell Phone: 316-409-9624



Sandhill Soaring Club

Club owned Scheibe SF25C.  Club membership is required, several qualified instructors available.

Location: Trenton, MI

Phone info line:  734 761 1132



Mailing address:  PO Box 2021 Ann Arbor, MI 48106

Mark Grant

CFI Instrument, Airplane & Glider (Self-Launch, Aero-Tow & Ground-Launch)

Experienced in Taifun 17E, Scheibe SF25C, Stemme S-10V, Ximango AMT 200, Schweizer SGM 2-37/TG-7A, Samba XXL, Pipistrel Virus 912 and Hobbyliner HB23/2400.

Self-launch & tail wheel endorsements, flight instruction and aircraft ferrying.

Location:  Detroit Metropolitan Area

Phone:  248-788-4040



Steve Fischer

CFII, MEI, CFIG aerotow, ground, self-launch, seaplane, helicopter, DPE

Location: Minneapolis



Stuart Lieber

CFI-G; Self Launch, Aerotow, ATP, CFI, CFI-I, MEI, MSP FAAST Rep/Wings Pro - Board Member

Location: Stanton (Twin Cities), Minnesota or will travel to your location for self-launch endorsements/training

Motorglider Training and Endorsements in our Grob 109B

Cell/Txt:  952-232-5045



John A. Teipen, MCFI

CFI:    ASEL, AMEL, ASES, Gliders (aero-tow and self launch).

DPE:  ASEL / Gliders (aero-tow and self-launch) – CFI Initial / Renewal / Reinstatement, Commercial, Private, Sport Pilot , and Instrument (ASEL)

Location: FAA Central Region / Greater St Louis

Phone: 314-863-5941


John Hartley

Motorglider training and endorsements in a DG 500M

Location: Bozeman, MT

Phone: 406-586-2482


New Mexico

Robert J. Mudd

CFI-G&A I do not however have a two seat MG available to me now. I can travel to the new owner's location.  Usually  the insurance company requires about 10 hours of dual so normally about 5 days would be needed to cover flying and maintenance issues. I have experience in HK-36/Diamond Katana Extreme, DG-800, Pipistrel, Apis, Sinus,Virus and Taurus.

A&P Rotax 912/914 certificated mechanic

Location: Moriarty, New Mexico

Ph 505 269-8234

New York

George Wiederkehr

2009 Barrett Rd.

Ballston Spa, NY 12020

Phone: 518.884.8169



Andrew Wood

ATP, CFII, MEI, CFIG aerotow, ground, self-launch

Location: Minden NV


Jim Lee

CFI/CFIG: Available on a limited schedule for self-launch endorsements, glider training and flight reviews using the Phoenix S-LSA glider. Can also provide flight reviews or checkouts in your own glider or airplane.

Location: Minden, NV (MEV) 

phone: 352-250-5644



Rolf Peterson

I provide motor glider training in my Grob G109B and give motor glider self-launch endorsements.

I have given training and endorsements in a DG 500M, but no longer have it available to me to give dual flight instruction in retractable engine self-launch glider operations and emergency procedures.

I can give ground instruction in retractable engine system operation and emergency procedures.

Training Locations:

Phone: 925-447-5620 or 925-447-4255  Cell: 925-784-0344


Tupper Robinson

Motorglider training and endorsements in DG 500M

Location: Minden, NV

Phone: 775-782-4944

or contact:

High Country Soaring

Phone (775) 782-4944, fax (775) 782-4348



Mike Moore


Location: Minden, NV

Phone: 775-782-1224


Motorglider tours Las Vegas


Fly in a Grob 109 motorglilder. Beginner to Advanced mountain, ridge,and thermal flying (up to 18,000ft in summer), and you can build time for your commercial license airplane. Dual instruction only.

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Phone: (702) 290-3892

email: (or use contact form on website)


Oliver Dyer-Bennet - see listing for California

North Carolina

Davey Amos

Will travel and provide flight training and Self-Launch endorsements in your aircraft.  Specializing in Pipistrel and Diamond Aircraft plus have time in Phoenix and Ximango Motorgliders.

Location: Salisbury, NC (will travel - contact for details)

Phone: (704) 507-7945 to arrange your training


Gary Garavaglia

I can train for self launch endorsements. I am also a glider examiner DPE in NC. I can also travel for expenses. Pilot certificate number 2045275. 

Location: 43NC Bahnson Gliderport in Farmington, NC. 

Phone: 704.340.8924 to arrange your training



Sporty's Academy

Motorglider for training and rental in a Diamond Xtreme (HK-36-TC), with several self-launch CFIG's on staff and 2 glider DPE's (one full-time, one part-time).

Location: Batavia, OH (Clermont County/Sporty's Airport)

Phone: 513.735.9500




Robert Brock

I have endorsed over 40 glider pilots for self launch and taken 8 totally through the private pilot glider program in motorgliders only. I can help you, too! You must supply the motorglider, as I currently do not have access to a two-place motorglider. Please contact me to discuss arrangements for endorsements or flight training.

Location: Beaverton, OR

Phone: 503-888- 1600


King Povenmire


Location: Veneta OR

Phone: 543-935-6449

Mark Stroble


Location: OR

Phone: 541-895-5984


Tom Knauff

Ridge Soaring Gliderport

CFIG/MG We have a  Duo Discus T and I believe a used SF28A is on the way.

Location: Julian, PA

Phone: (814) 355 2483, fax: (814) 355 2633



Steve Dee

I provide flight training at all levels, and Self-Launch endorsements. My Pipistrel Taurus Self Launch Sailplane is equipped with the new ClearNav audio vario and ClearNav, and goes for $180 per hour, dual. Typical endorsement syllabus is 3-5 flight hours, depending on background and experience, plus ground training.

Ground training/cockpit checkouts available for ASH-26e, as well as other self-launch and touring motorgliders. I have experience in the Phoenix U15, Grob 109B, Ximango AMT-200, Katana Extreme, Taifun, Pipistrel Sinus and Virus, and Vivat motorgliders, plus Grob 103SL, DG-400, ASH-26e, Taurus, Ventus 2CM, ASH-25Mi, and Nimbus 3DM Self-Launchers. I'm willing to travel throughout the USA to come to your location for expenses.

Recommended by Marfa Soaring and DG USA-East; call or write for list of satisfied customers. ATP, CFIG/MG, FAA Designated Examiner, SSA Life Member since 1967.

Location: Memphis, TN (will travel - contact for details)

Phone: (901) 652-8270 (cell) to arrange your training


Pilot's Choice Aviation

Motor glider training, endorsements, and rental in a Grob 109.

Location: Georgetown, TX.

phone: 512-869-1759


Burt Compton

Motorglider and glider training year-round in west Texas.

Location:   Marfa (MRF), Texas

Phone:   800-667-9464



Jean-Pierre C. Ducos

CFI-G/MG SSAI: Two G109, one for instruction and demos, the other for solo and rentals. Endorsement package for Glider pilots: $575.00 2 hours ground inst. and 4 hours flight inst. G109 rental including fuel: $75.00/hour. Hill Country located, soar year round. Open Wednesday to Sunday.

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Phone: 210-667-3716



John Fodemaier

Motorglider training and endorsements

Location: San Antonio, TX

Phone: 210-493-5635, fax 210-493-3633


Ed Shilen

Motorglider training and endorsements

Location: Gun Barrel City, TX

Phone: 903-887-9702


George Vaeth

Motorglider training and endorsements in a Grob 109A

Location: Dallas, TX

Phone: 214-350-1681


Carol Walker

Motorglider instructor and FAA designated pilot examiner

Location: Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex

Phone: (972)-475-4320


Beth Jenkins

Location: Georgetown, TX

Phone: 512-869-1759

Fred Blair 

CFIG/MG instruction in Diamond Xtreme HK36TTC

Location: Caddo Mills, TX (7F3)  North of Dallas

Phone: 214-616-4727


Dave White

CFI/CFIG Available 7 days a week, by appointment, for Self Launch Endorsement, Glider Training, and Flight Reviews using the Pipistrel Flex S-LSA Glider. Can also provide Flight Reviews or Checkouts in your Glider or Airplane.

Location: Boerne Stage Airfield- Boerne (5C1), Texas

Phone: (830) 388-0120 (leave message)



Robbie Elves

Motorglider/tailwheel endorsements, BFR - Katana Xtreme  - self-launch certificate (FAR 61.31(j)) and self-launch training in accordance with FAA Advisory Circular AC 61-94.  FAA examiner locally available for pilot certification in the Katana Xtreme.

ATP/Commercial Glider, FAA "Gold Seal" Instructor

Location: Richmond VA.

Phone: 804-274-1559 Work, 804-740-5760 Home



Jeff Jobe

Motorglider training and endorsements

Glider, Single and Multi Airplane, Rotorcraft Helicopter Certified Flight Instructor

Locations:  Seattle, WA and Lewiston, ID

Phone: 206 389 1241


Ad Astra Aviation


Location: Wenatchee, WA

Phone: 509-670-5194

Skip Gregoire


Location: Ephrata, WA

Phone: 509-754-5773


Angus McKinnon

CFIG/MG Instruction in a Grob 109A and endorsements.

Location: Bellingham, WA

Phone: 360.671.9605   Fax 360.671.9605


Grant Smith

I will travel for training in your aircraft or a Grob 109A, which is available for insruction at Pacific Aerosport 50 miles north of Seattle. Instrument training is also available in the Grob or in your aircraft.

Location: Renton, WA

Phone: 425 271-7464

e-mail: or



Ronald Kinoschi

No current contact information. If you know his situation, please have him contact to update his entry here.