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Resource authoring guide

In addition to authoring micro-behaviours (see the Programming Guide), anyone can author pages that contain links to micro-behaviours, buttons for loading models, and check boxes for performing actions on a model. These features can also be added to micro-behaviour pages.

Linking to micro-behaviours and other resources

The Behaviour Composer will process any link except for those that open in a new tab or window. When referencing non-BehaviourComposer pages (e.g. Wikipedia or NetLogo documentation) then use HTML to ensure that they will open in a new window or tab.

Adding buttons to load models

The Behaviour Composer will process any link to a model link (obtained from the Share tab in the Composer area) into a button whose label is the text of the link. Clicking on it will pop up a menu asking whether one wants to add to or replace the current model with the contents of the link.

Adding check boxes that replay changes to a model

If a page contains the following tokens (displayed in red) then a check box is displayed within the Behaviour Composer page.
Begin Replay Session Events Check Box:
ID: add-forward-enhanced-to-repeat
Label: Prototype1 keeps going forward
Session ID: RkOuQerUCovzZuMzdXRr5c
Do message: Prototype1 will now move forward repeatedly.
Undo message: Removed behaviour that caused Prototype1 to move forward repeatedly.
Title: When checked Prototype1 will receive a new behaviour making it go forward repeatedly.
End Replay Session Events Check Box

Note that the entire entry should be inside of a 'PRE' HTML element. 

The changes associated with the ID provided in the Session ID: field will be applied to the current model. The ID can be obtained by copying the ID after the 'share=' parameter in the URL of your Behaviour Composer session. All the events associated with that session will be replayed on the current model. If you want to provide a page with check boxes for a set of alternative changes to a model you can create the session Ids by loading the basic model, making changes, copying the ID and repeating. ID should be any unique value for that page. Label will be displayed next to the check box. Do message will appear in the History area when checked. Undo message will appear in the History area when un-checked. Title will be displayed if the user hovers over the check box.

Ignoring unwanted page content

Optionally use the following to select the micro-behaviour material from surrounding material (e.g. on a wiki or a blog).

  • BehaviourComposer: ignore everything before this. - everything prior to this is ignored
  • BehaviourComposer: ignore everything after this. - everything after this is ignored

Adding screenshots

An alternative with several advantage to making screenshot images and including them in your resources is to copy and paste the HTML from the Behaviour Composer.