Library By Appointment

Library by Appointment

The director and staff of the M.N. Spear Memorial Library are excited to announce a new service for our patrons—library by appointment.

From time-to-time, a Shutesbury resident has asked to use the quiet of the library at a time when it is normally closed—as a space for testing, completing online job applications, interviews, one-on-one computer-based instruction, and skyping with family or friends overseas, to name a few.

These kinds of tasks can be difficult to accomplish in a small, one-room library. A patron may need access to accomplish quiet, private activities that are difficult to carry out during the often busy public service hours. Whether it be neighbors greeting each other or children sharing excitement over materials, our library is not the stereotypical “Shhhhhhhh!” library environment. Instead, it’s a vibrant location that strives to serve the community in as many ways as we can. As such, we’d like to offer our patrons a new library by appointment service.

In the past, we made casual arrangement to try and assist patrons, but never developed an official policy for individual library access. When developing this policy, it occurred to us that defining terms of the policy was just the beginning. Equally important, we want to communicate to the many patrons who might benefit from such a feature but had never thought to request it.

The process is simple and the requirements few:

There is a limit two one-hour appointments per week

    • Scheduling is available on week days only

    • Scheduling is based on the library director’s availability

    • Appointments should be made at least one week in advance

If you have need of a quiet space with high-speed computer access that could be better served when the library is closed, please call to make an appointment. We will be more than happy to help.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Mary Anne Antonellis, Director