Kayak users, ages 18 and older, must read and sign a policy and release each time they borrow a kayak. Wet signatures required.

Printed copies are available at the Library.

Kayak Loan Program – How It Works


Kayaks can be borrowed by Shutesbury residents with a valid C/W MARS library card, in good standing, (fine balance of less than $10). 

Patrons must be 18 or older to borrow kayaks. Parents and legal guardians may borrow on behalf of their children, ages five and up.

 Kayaks cannot be used by anyone other than the person(s) who completed the appropriate paperwork and borrowed the kayak(s). Kayaks may be used by children, ages five and up with a parent or legal guardian. The parent or legal guardian must complete the appropriate paperwork and borrow the kayak and related equipment on behalf of the child.

 Every adult borrowing kayaks must read and sign a release and a policy every time they borrow a kayak.

Every person must wear a Coast Guard Approved personal floatation device while using the kayaks. They may use their own Coast Guard Approved personal floatation device but they must be sure the device is Coast Guard Approved. It is the patron’s responsibility to wear a coast guard approved floatation device.

 When a patron borrows a kayak, the loan includes the kayak, a paddle (two paddles for the tandem kayak) a key, a paddle leash, and a whistle.

 Coast Guard Approved personal floatation devices are loaned on a separate barcode.

 Kayaks must be returned to the rack and secured with lock provided after use.

 Paddle, personal floatation device, keys, and whistles must be returned to the library on or before the due date, during hours when the library is open.

 The loan period is two days.

 Kayaks and related equipment cannot be renewed.

 The fine is $10 per day, $50 maximum.

 Kayak loans are first come/first served.

Patrons may call the library during public service hours and reserve an available kayak for the same day – it must be picked up before the start of the last hour of business or the reserve is cancelled. Patrons may not reserve kayaks for future dates.

 If items are lost or not returned the patron will be billed for the cost of the item.

 Single kayak $300 ~ Tandem Kayak $700 ~Key $25 ~Whistle $5 ~ Paddle ~ $95 ~ Paddle leash

 Thank you for participating in the M.N. Spear Memorial Library kayak loan program, and enjoy Lake Wyola!