Personal Lightning Detector

$69.95-72.95 Strike Alert II - MADE IN THE USA!!!
World's first convenient, dependable and easy-to-use personal lightning detector
strike alert




- $72.95 = Credit Card Payment Includes 1 year mfgr's warranty and ground shipping within continental US.
NJ buyers charged 7% sales tax
- $69.95 = Cash Payment
StrikeAlert, by Outdoors Technologies, small and affordable lightning detector detects approaching lightning strikes from as far as 40 miles. COMMON SENSE tool for those whose activities or work keeps them outdoors. Early recognition of approaching lightning provides your best defense

Audible Alarm, LED Display - sounds and illuminates with lightning strikes within miles: 20-40 | 12-24 | 6-12 | 0-6. Displays battery life and storm direction.

Power - two AAA batteries provides up to 100 hours of reliable operation.
Other - Features, Operation Instructions, New Instruction Sheet (pdf)
MISC SAFETY INFO - Lightning Facts - Safety Tips - FAQs

STOP all outdoor activities and clear swimming pools when lightning is within six miles.
WAIT 30 minutes following last lightning before leaving refuge location or resuming activities.
- Avoid high ground, water, solitary trees, open spaces, ditches or trenches if they contain water, or if where the ground is saturated, metal rain/sun shelters and other metallic objects.
- Position into a low, crouching stance on the balls of your feet with your hands covering your ears. Stand spread out from others, put 15-20 feet of space between each person.
- Seek refuge on gelsportlow ground, clumps of shrubs or trees of uniform height, in a fully enclosed metal automobile with all the windows rolled up and hands in your lap.
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