OFFICIAL dragon boat of 
2011-2014 IDBF World Cup and World Championships!!!


We specialize in designing and developing aquatic sports equipment. Our products include: dragon boats, rowing shells, canoes, kayaks, paddleboats, and other customized watercrafts. We also provide expertise in the planning, organization, and promotion of water-sport activities.

Mr. Lo started his company to share his love for water sports following a career as a professional canoer, kayaker and coach. He offers value products and services for the growing population of water sports enthusiasts by providing affordable options for recreational and international competitors. Since starting his company in the 1988, his client list has grown to include groups from several Asian nations. Russian and North America and continues towards worldwide distribution.

Company and product ratings and certifications include state level quality assurance, official race facilitator of the Chinese Dragon Boat Association, International Dragon Boat Federation, served as official dragon boats for International Dragon Boat Federation Events (2014 IDBF Fujian World Cup Championships, 2013 IDBF Budapest World Championships, 2012 IDBF Hong Kong Club Crew World Championships, 2011 IDBF Tampa World Dragon Boat Championships, 2007 IDBF Sydney World Dragon Boat Championships, 2006 IDBF Toronto Club Crew Championships) and International Canoe Federation, recognized by the International Olympic Sports Association (2003 Asian Dragon Boat And Canoe/Kayak Championship). Based in one of China's largest industrial centers, our resources can custom design boats and other aquatic sports equipment for your needs. Forward your product or service specification requests or needs and we'll contact you shortly.

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