Dragon Boat Seat Cushion 

GelSport's dragon boat seat pad is IDBF approved!!!  That's good  because it’s a bad thing to discover that your butt-pad is an illegal size for competition as your crew loads for a 2000m race.
 No wasting time with straps or buckles... all of our seat pads now have a non-slip material sewn to the bottom which prevents your seat pad from moving during a race or practice.  This has s a convenient loop so it stays with your with your paddle between races.  

> Weight: 100g
> Dimensions: 30 x 20 x 1.3cm
> Superior cushioning for pressure relief and irritation prevention
> Non-slip bottom
> Waterproof
> Easy to transport – flexible
> Maintenance free
> It floats
> Quick application and removal from boat seat
> New! A loop to keep it with your paddle between races!

To order:  Send an email to "gelsport @ metroevent . com".
Include quantity, color request and shipping address.
Ground shipping is free within the continental US. 7% NJ Sales Tax added to NJ orders.

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