Dalian Qianlong Aquatic Sports Development Co., Ltd, manufactures dragon boats for most of China's prestigious International and National events. This included the November 2003 Asian Championships which designated the Champion Dragon Boats as their official dragon boats of both the 10 paddlers and 20 paddlers classes. This event represented International Canoe Federation's first sanctioned dragon boat event. The International Canoe Federation is a recognized sports federation of the International Olympic Sports Committee.

Dalian Champion Dragon Boats
Dalian Champion Dragon boats are now the staple of IDBF and ICF World Championship competitions since 2006. Most recently used to determine 2014 IDBF Fujian World Cup World Champions in both the #912 (10 paddler) and #1222 (20 paddler) dragon boats! Congrats to World Cup medal winners: China, Philippines, Canada and USA.  

We deliver Champion Dragon Boats to US and Canadian clubs and organizations since introducing them to the North American market in 2003. You can find them in California, Florida, to NYC, Victoria to Eastern Canada. Dalian Champion Dragon Boats have raced in Atlanta, Jekyll Island, Harrisburg, Ithaca, Lake Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Miami, Newport Beach, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Princeton and Jekyll Island Dragon Boat Festivals.

Our IDBF dragon boats are double hulled with floation compartments in both the front and rear sections. These fiberglass boats have wood bench seats, wood trim along the gunwale and hand holds along the inside fiberglass sidewalls.

2007 Princeton, NJ Paddle for Pink w/CDW-20i

Side view of our CDW-10 and CDW-20 dragon boats

CDW-20i Interior

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