Workshop Garderie (Day Care)

Terms and Conditions

  1. The weekdays below refer to the week of the Suzuki Music Brussels Workshop of the same year as that in which the inscription is being effected.
  2. Only minors aged 6 or more on Monday and who are already registered for the Workshop may be registered for the Garderie.
  3. On Saturday (day of the final concert) there is no garderie available. On that day, all minors aged less than 14 years taking part in the workshop must be accompanied at the workshop by their father, mother or legal guardian or by a person empowered to do so in their stead and holding a signed and valid document to that effect.
  4. On Monday (welcome day) the garderie is available from 1:30pm to 6:30pm. From Tuesday to Friday the garderie is available from 8:30am to 2pm (half day) or from 8:30am to 6:30pm (full day).
  5. A supplement of 10€ per hour will be required for each child left under the responsibility of the supervisors after 6.30pm (full-day inscriptions) or after 2:00pm (half-day inscriptions).
  6. On his/her arrival at the workshop, each child registered for the Garderie must be accompanied to the garderie and report there, BEFORE going to his or her first class, to which s/he will be accompanied by a member of the garderie staff.
  7. The time of arrival and departure of each child registered at the Garderie is noted in a register which is maintained by the Garderie team. Before and after the period of a child’s presence as noted in the register, neither the Workshop's organisers nor any person working for the workshop can be held responsible for the children registered in the Garderie.
  8. Only the person who has effected the Garderie registration, or a person holding a written authorisation signed by the signatory of the registration, is authorised to collect a child at the garderie.
  9. Only those inscriptions for which the corresponding fee has been received are valid.
  10. In case of a medical emergency, the signatory of the inscription authorises the organisers of the workshop to take any necessary medical measures.
  11. The signatory of the inscription accepts that he or she must have fully read and understood all the information concerning the Workshop garderie as provided on, including the prices, before effecting the inscription.