ZELLO Channel

ZELLO is a FREE Push To Talk App that works on all Mobile devices.
ZELLO can be installed from the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store.

We have two channels for local users.
First is the "MDARC" channel and the second is the "CERT Net" channel.

Anyone can use ZELLO, you do not need an Amateur Radio License to chat,
text, send photos etc. on the non-Ham Radio channels.

ZELLO works over WiFi or your mobile devices carrier. The radios pictured below are unlocked Android Phones.
You do not have to activate a line of service if you tether the unit to your existing mobile phone.

There are various types and styles of radios for ZELLO
for those who do not want to use their mobile phones.


There are over 200,000 channels on ZELLO!
Channels cover just about every topic.
On Feb. 17, 2017 ZELLO celebrated 100 Million users!

Two popular Ham Radio Apps

Team Speak
Team Speak is a paid app $1.99, when installed lets you communicate 
on the IRN Cross Link Server.
There, you can link to various rooms such as the Alabama Link and All Star nodes.


Most every amateur operator is familiar with ECHO LINK.
This app lets you communicate around the world with other
amateur radio nodes.

Team Speak and Echo Link Do require an Amateur Radio License!

IRN Network Video

International Radio Network, Inrico T320 IRN, Ham Radio Smartphone

Thanks to Eric @ Ham Radio Concepts

Ways to Use Channels

Channels are unique to Zello.  No other app can do what Zello channels can do.  You can think of a Zello channel as a hyped-up CB radio channel.  It allows you to communicate with other people, up to 300 at a time.  People who have Zello installed can add (subscribe to) an unlimited number of existing channels or create their own channels.  There is no limit to the number of subscribers allowed per channel.  Zello channels can help in coordination, information sharing, or as a social radio platform.


A Zello channel is perfect for coordinating large groups of people who are scattered in a wide area.  For example, Zello can be used to coordinate groups traveling together, in car rallies, attending weddings, amusement parks, sports events, and even large political rallies.  Zello replaces the need for 2-way radios and is ideal for businesses that have employees located in many different areas of the city, state, or world.  Companies using Zello and Zello@Work include freight and moving companies, taxi services, delivery services, hospitals, law enforcement agencies, restaurants, and construction companies, to name a few.   


Here is a Channel Quick Start Guide

Zello is an alternate means of ENCOMM in emergencies.
Zello is used by the Cajun Navy and many other groups due to ease of use availability.

I highly encourage everyone to install the ZELLO App whether you decide to use it or not.
The app runs in the background and you may never know who you might hear!

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact me at KA2BSM@gmail.com