A general list of features:

  • Instant-messaging style chat
  • Multiple automatic messages at varying schedules, containing static or dynamic content
  • File Transfers of arbitrary binary or text content with compression
  • Online/offline status notifications
  • Multi-platform: runs on Linux/UNIX, Windows, and MacOSX
  • Canned messages
  • Chat logging
  • Tabbed chat interface to filter traffic based on a search string
  • Structured data (i.e. Forms) transmission with multiple form templates, graphical editor, and HTML exporting
  • Form-to-Email gateway support for providing email access to distant stations
  • Winlink2000 gateway
  • Automatic message forwarding
  • Arbitrary TCP forwarding over the RF channel
  • Support for using a TNC or a network connection instead of a D-STAR radio
  • GPS position tracking, distance/direction calculation, static beacon support, and integrated map viewer with offline caching

  • Network-linkable repeater/proxy co-application

PlatformDownload Link
WindowsInstaller (EXE)
LinuxSource (Binary packages for: UbuntuDebian,Fedora)
MacOSIntel .app (See note below)
Latest DRATS Download

NOTE2: MacOS users must download the KK7DS Python runtime package before
the above .app will work.  Once you install this package, you do not need to
install it for further releases unless noted.

Updated  05.21.2014
Rick Pinelli,
Feb 19, 2016, 6:14 PM