W4LET Repeaters

145.0600 MHz  -  (+) 1.4000   -  Mode "C"

443.98750 MHz  -  (+) 5.000  -  Mode "B"

1290.000 MHz  -  Data  -  Mode "DD"

1.2 Voice  -  TBA

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 This is the preselector/multi coupler for the 2 meter DStar and analog repeater. 

We can now support up to 8 receivers on the antenna at the top of the tower.

This is the preamplifier for the 440 dstar it is an ultra low noise figure high gain PHEMT type amplifier.

 It provides us 24db of gain with. A 0.6db noise figure this will soon feed a power divider so we can add additional stations to the site.

This picture shows the 100w continuous duty cycle pa. Below the repeater is the 

highly selective preselector to help only pass our band of frequencies before it gets amplified and crammed into the receiver.

This picture shows the DStar server, all of the 2 meter filters 

And the switch that links the server back to tue rp2c controller.

This picture is the 150w pa module and the 2 meter D-Star Repeater. 

Updated 5.07.2013