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This web page includes stuff related to my PS3. See my Xbox 360 and Wii pages also. (I also have Xbox One and PS4, but I haven't made pages for them.)


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F1 Championship Edition



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My Setup 


 My setup includes the PS3 console (40 GB version), PS3 Sixaxis controller, Logitech ChillStream controller, Logitech USB headset, PlayStation Eye camera, GH3 guitar, keyboard, mouse, HD TV, Belkin USB hub, ADSL modem, router, etc.

More PS3 pics


 PlayStation Home


PlayStation Home (Open Beta) was published on December 11, 2008 and includes avatars, clothes, 3D world, chat, videos, games, etc.


XrossMediaBar (XMB)


XrossMediaBar (XMB), the graphical user interface for PS3.



Some Game Screenshots


Blast Factor


Go! Puzzle


Go! Sudoku


Gran Turismo HD Concept






Super Rub'a'Dub



World Snooker Championship 2007



Installing Linux To PS3 (No Longer Supported)


I have been able to install Linux to my PS3 console, it took me a few tries, but I finally was able to do it. I have made some comments about it mainly for myself on another page. Those comments might not help anyone else, but you can take a look at it anyway:


PS3 And Linux