My Xbox 360 Setup

My main setup when I'm using my console with my LG 32LT75 (size 32", type LCD, HDTV). My setup includes the Xbox 360 Arcade console (and Xbox 360 Core System as a backup system). In Xbox 360 I'm using settings 1080p, Widescreen and Dolby Digital 5.1 with Digital Output). My setup also includes a Hard Drive, Wired Controller, Wireless Controller, Headset, Vision camera, Chatpad, Wireless Racing Wheel controller, home theatre system, ADSL modem, router, etc.


 My secondary setup when I'm using my console with my LG Flatron SVGA monitor (in Xbox 360 I'm using settings 1360 x 768 pixels and Dolby Digital 5.1 with Digital Output). I still prefer the image on my SVGA monitor more than on my HDTV, but with my HDTV I can be farther away from the screen, so I'm using my HDTV more.


My backup setup when I was using my console with my non-HD TV (in Xbox 360 I was using settings PAL-50 and Dolby Digital 5.1 with Digital Output). A television is needed with some Original Xbox games (e.g. Halo 1 and PGR2) when using the emulation mode. Old Dashboard version on picture.


Core version with no Hard Drive, Memory Unit, Controller, etc. attached to it.


Faceplate attached to the Core version.


Accessories for Xbox 360: Hard Drive, Universal Media Remote, Memory Unit, and Controller (with wire).


Chatpad (in the Messenger Kit) attached to the Controller and a headset included with the Chatpad.


Four Big Button Pad controllers and a receiver for the Scene It? game.


Wireless Racing Wheel (the connection to the Xbox 360 console is wireless, but the racing wheel includes a wire to the foot pedal and also a wire to a wall socket).


Dance mat for the Dancing Stage UNIVERSE game.


Controller skin (GameStop Skinz for Xbox 360) attached to Wired Controller.


VGA AV Cable for VGA monitor (or for HDTV with VGA/RGB connector).


Composite AV Cable for TV.


 My gaming shirt for humor, don't use it much. Text made in some Finnish shirt shop.