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 This web page includes screenshots related to my Xbox 360 stuff. See my PS3 and Wii pages also. (I also have Xbox One and PS4, but I haven't made pages for them.)




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My Setup

My main setup when I'm using my console with my LG 32LT75 (size 32", type LCD, HDTV). My setup includes the Xbox 360 Arcade console (and Xbox 360 Core System as a backup system). In Xbox 360 I'm using settings 1080p, Widescreen and Dolby Digital 5.1 with Digital Output. My setup also includes a Hard Drive, Wired Controller, Wireless Controller, Headset, Vision camera, Chatpad, Wireless Racing Wheel controller, home theatre system, ADSL modem, router, etc.

More setup pics


New Xbox Experience

New Xbox Experience (NXE) was launched on November 19, 2008. It includes avatars for Xbox 360 and some other new features such as copying your games to your hard drive. 


 My avatar above.  


UNO - one of the games where players can use their Xbox Live avatars.



A Kingdom for Keflings - another game with avatars.




NXE Themes


The New Xbox Experience has its own themes called Premium Themes, but the old themes still work somewhat. And you can of course use your own picture as a background. Here are some of my NXE themes using Friends section as background. 



Call of Duty: World at War Premium Theme.


Forza 2 - Peak Power (Premium) Theme.


Halo Wars You're in Command Theme.


Rock Band 2 Premium Theme.


Sonic Unleashed Premium Theme 1.


Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise Theme (Premium).



3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures: Picture Pack

The "Picture Pack - 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures" includes 4 gamer pictures (the four gamer pictures in the middle row in the screenshot).



Brain Challenge



Catan: Default Skin and Mayfair Skin

Catan with default skin.


Connect To Xbox 360

Devices I have been able to connect to my Xbox 360 with success have been a USB hard drive, a USB floppy disk drive, USB memory sticks and a USB keyboard. The Xbox 360 Player can play/show from the portable media at least MP3 and WMA music files and JPG picture files.


Dashboard (Old)

Marketplace, Xbox Live, Games, Media, and System blades. Xbox Guide, Gamer Profile, Achievements, Arcade games, and Xbox Live connection test (old Dashboard version).


Dancing Stage UNIVERSE

Dancing Stage UNIVERSE: Europe only.




Messenger: Xbox 360 & Windows XP

Discussion with Messenger between Xbox 360 and Windows XP. Both users have a Hotmail account and an Xbox 360 gamertag.

Same discussion with Messenger between Xbox 360 and Windows XP. Screenshot using the Windows Messenger, which comes with Windows XP.


PAC-MAN Gamerpics

PAC-MAN gamerpics.

Pac-Man Championship Edition gamerpics.

Ms. PAC-MAN gamerpics.


Pinball FX Tables

Speed Machine table that comes with the trial version.


Extreme table. The first table that comes with the full version of the game.


Agents table. The second table that comes with the full version of the game.


Nightmare Mansion table (200 Microsoft Points).


Rocky and Bullwinkle table (200 Microsoft Points).


Street Fighter II Tribute table (200 Microsoft Points).


PGR3: Cars In The Game


PGR3: Cars In Cadillac V-Series Collection


PGR3: Cars In Speed Pack


PGR3: Cars In Style Pack


Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action


Soltrio Solitaire & Camera

Soltrio Solitaire in multiplayer mode with two of my gamertags. The left one is using a camera (yep, the chair is empty).


Space Giraffe


Tetris Evolution: Background Sets

Tetris Evolution shown with default background art video, default skin and default player icon. With background art you can use the video, slideshow or pictures setting.


Tetris Evolution with Fireworks Background Set using the video setting.


Tetris Evolution with Games Background Set using the video setting.


Tetris Evolution with Waterfalls Background Set using the video setting.


UNO Theme Decks

Standard deck.

35th Anniversary deck.

Kameo deck.

PGR3 deck.


Disc Unreadable

Often shown message with Forza Motorsport 2 while playing:

This disc is unreadable.

1. Clean the disc with a soft cloth.

2. Restart the console.

For more help, go to

All screenshots

Network Issues

Some screenshots showing basic stuff related to solving network connection issues. Consult your peripheral/hardware manuals/webpages/support (console, modem, router, etc.), and your ISP and Microsoft customer support for more information if you are having problems.


System Errors

System error message (E69) with my third console.

Another system error message (E74) with my third console.