"Appreciation and gratitude are a must if

you choose to become the architect of increased

happiness and your own fulfillment."

- Doc Childre

Image courtesy of Christian Meyn/freedigitalphotos.net

Through a healing session, Maureen assists you in finding the core of your emotional and physical dis-ease, and resolving the issues. Each of us deserves peace, harmony and love in our lives.

Years ago Maureen was mainly my go to at the first signs of a cold. I learned to contact her within the first couple of days for the quickest relief of symptoms. More recently, she has helped me recover more quickly from an exposure of poison oak and when my elderly mother fell, she “saw” my mother’s issue was in her lower spine. With Maureen assisted “healing” help, my mother was in less pain and had a “miraculous” recovery of one month rather than the three months that the MD said it would take to heal.

I’m amazed at the wide range of concerns and issues that Maureen can address and thereby provide individual help. While not fully understanding her process, I experience a more rapid recovery time after time. I trust her completely, for this I am grateful and thankful…Connie B.

I was diagnosed with Stage III Colon cancer (8/12). It was all very overwhelming with 6 weeks of daily radiation treatments and 6 weeks of concurrent chemotherapy connected through my port 24/7. It was a treacherous schedule, but I was lucky enough to meet Maureen early on in my treatments. She and I immediately starting Energy Touch once per week. I truly looked forward to each healing. It was a time of complete clarity and peace. As I went through my treatments, many people from church, work, school asked how I'm managing so well. I know it was the healings I received. There is no other explanation.

I then had surgery and wasn't able to drive, Maureen would do healings for me via telephone. The inperson and distance healings both worked equally well although I prefer to meet and chat with her.

I needed 6 more months of Chemo. Again many people questioned how amazed they were because I'd been through so much yet still remained similar in energy. I explained the benefits of Energy Touch and how it helps me.

Since my diagnosis I've had 9 surgeries, most caused by the radiation treatments. Maureen and I will continue to work together, she truly cares about each individual and their needs. I look forward to many future healings with her. ....Kathy G.

"Maureen has helped me with severe foot problems due to Parkinson's. I had sharp pains on the bottom of my feet during the night which would wake me up. In one session they were gone and haven't returned. I also had pain in my left leg which has lessened greatly.

I have suffered from depression for many years. Maureen has helped me develop a mental exercise that I use when I feel the depression coming on. This exercise helps me so I can eliminate the onset. I have now been able to decrease the amount of antidepressants I am taking." ....Marcia J.

"Maureen has helped me get balanced again after my breast cancer, chemo and radiation treatments. She has a wonderful gift of healing with guides helping her. She has helped me face problems in my life where I was stuck and release these emotions so that I could go further with my healing energy at different levels. Maureen will help you get centered again, get the chakras moving and cleared and move you into healing. A life saver for me. ....Nan G.

What you did for the newborn was like a miracle when she was born with addictions to drugs. She is thriving and has since you did the energy touch sessions for her. She was then ... adopted I think because she was healthy and smart and now has the opportunity for a successful life. There is a test newborns are given and she didn't score well on that and I know they did that test a few times on her and she didn't pass it until after her sessions with Energy Touch. I could tell a big change in her interactions with us also. Her eyes were brighter and she seemed way more aware and was able to develop normally after the sessions. What a blessing the Energy Touch was to the newborn just starting off her life. ....Karen B.

A year ago, I underwent two surgeries for recurrent melanoma on my leg. There was still evidence of "bad cells" in the area, and Pet/Cat Scans indicated suspicious activity in the lymph node area as well. At that time I was referred to Maureen Undine who was interning as an Energy Touch Healer. I subsequently had healing sessions with her, mostly by telephone since I was somewhat disabled. Three Scans have been performed since then with the last two showing no evidence of cancer cells in my body. My Atrial Fibrillation episodes have become much less frequent also.

The importance of prayer in healing should not be undermined. For me Maureen works as an instrument of God. With His Guidance she utilizes the levels of energy in the body to increase positive vibrations of vitality and dispel harmfully negative feelings. I am truly grateful that my body is responding successfully to her treatment along with the prayers of family and friends. ... Bonnie S.