About Maureen

As a certified EnergyTouch® healer and Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist

with a practice in Glen Ellyn, IL I create a safe place for my client to work

on their spiritual, physical and psychological health. This occurs by working

directly from my connection to divine guidance while grounding in Universal

and earth energy. As a life long teacher of wellness, I facilitate my clients’ healings

by assisting them in opening up to the white light of love and healing

through the combination of EnergyTouch® healings and

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy® sessions.

Why would energy healing and/or hypnotherapy sessions help me with my illness/disease or discomfort? In addition to the physical systems of the body, such as circulatory, respiratory and skeletal, we have an energy system – just as vital to our overall health and often completely overlooked as a powerful vehicle for healing and recovery. People often talk about “something” blocking them or holding them back. This could be a break in the energy grid and/or a negative belief about self, so deeply embedded that it keeps replaying like a broken record. Heart-Centered hypnotherapy® used in conjunction with EnergyTouch® will uncover the negative beliefs and emotions you are holding in your body that contribute to the anxiety and stress that ultimately cause dis-ease. Through regressions, the sources of negative emotion/conclusions about ourselves are brought into the light and cleared. This allows you to heal from within as you release those blocks, and move forward to achieve your life goals, while living your life from the perspective of your healthy, loving, nurturing adult.

My background includes a Master’s Degree in Public Health and 25+ years of developing and teaching wellness programs. I am certified in both EnergyTouch® healing – through the EnergyTouch School of Advanced Healing- Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy® through the Wellness Institute and Transpersonal Life Coaching through the Wellness Institute.


Certified Transpersonal Life Coach, Wellness Institute

Certified Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist, Wellness Institute

2013 Healing Space LLC intern

EnergyTouch® School of Advanced Healing

Spiritual Awareness and Healing Institute

University of Illinois Medical Center – School of Public Health – Master's in Public Health

Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN – B.A.

Certified Physical Education and Health teacher K-12