Getting Healthy

Do you realize that your bodies are 100% energy? Your body has an energy system, just as it has a nervous system, circulatory system, etc. Now you may ask, “How do I take care of my energy system?” or “ How do I know when my energy system is off?

As far back as the 1940”s, Dr. Harold Saxon Burr put forward that disease could be detected in the human energy field long before symptoms appear. He even suggested that the energy system could be worked with to prevent disease. He did not know how to do this at that time, but all that has changed.

An EnergyTouch® healing works directly on your energy system to clear negative energies and restore your energy system to a higher vibration. Your body's energy can be disrupted by any number of things: negative life events, surgery, an accident, just by daily living.

Your emotions play a role in your energetic wellness. Positive emotions lift the vibration of your energy, while negative emotions keep you at very low vibrations. Certain diseases, cancer for instance, are very low vibrating cells. Take a look at how emotions effect our wellbeing on the vitality tone and attitude scale through the attached link. Vitality tone and attitude scale Each emotion is shown at its vibrational level. It looks like Love and Gratitude are where we want to be.

Symptoms are the body's way of telling you to pay attention, something is wrong. The body sometimes needs to restore itself to a state of balance. An EnergyTouch® healing will enable you to get everything flowing in your fields. Cleaning your energetic levels, your chakras and opening up to new energies and beliefs can make you feel not only relaxed, but revitalized.

Think of it on terms of resolving little issues before they become medical issues. Emotionally move your vibration to a higher level from fear to love. That's how you maintain wellness. It's like getting a massage only it's for all aspects of your being, the energetic to the physical.

Now I ask you......

Do you take time to relax?

Do you eat healthy, fresh foods?

Do you exercise?

Do you get regular medical checkups?

Now you have a new approach to upgrade or heal your energy system:

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