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Order support

If anything is unclear about ordering, or you are having a problem with the order, don't hesitate to contact us. Usually your problem can be solved quite easily and quickly. If you didn't get to the free bonus lessons after a purchase, may be you closed the window too soon, just send a mail and you will get the link.
See also the additional support pages.

Shipping: CD's and DVD's are sent by regular (priority) mail. Up to three discs are mailed per package, so if you order more, you will usually recieve more than one package. They are always mailed the same day, but may arrive separately, so don't worry if you only got one. The other one(s) will arrive shortly!

If you are not so familiar with online ordering, this video explains everything.
(note: the download service has recently changed from Tradebit to GetDPD)

Information about ordering

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Paypal language problem: Paypal works internationally. The Paypal pages for your order normally appear in English or an appropriate language. However, sometimes you get to see the wrong language. You can always send an regular email with your order, so that we can process it manually. Just use the email address on the contact page.
Usually, however,  you can change language when you see the screen below, at the top right of this screen.
Paypal screen
If you erroneously get a page in Dutch, which unfortunately still seems to happen occasionally, the examples below can help you to reach the point where you can choose the correct country (and language). The Dutch pages are shown with the meanings in English.
Choosing "pay now" leads you to:
Choosing "pay with creditcard" leads you to this page, where you can select your country.
Then the language will change.
By opening the drop down list you can select the proper country (and language), for instance, select ''Verenigde Staten'' for USA. Then the language will (finally!) change to English. All the way on the left you see the amount of items, normally it is 1. If the number is not what you wanted, just fill in the correct number, and click 'bijwerken" which means  "update".
If you are still not sure what to do, please send an email.
Beware that the shopping cart function remembers your ordering clicks, so if you accidentally click an item more than once, or go back and click it again, the number of items is increased. So, before you finalize the order check the quantity, and correct it, as stated above, if needed.