Matt's comments

Smooth Jazz: some love it, some hate it, but what is it? Opinions on this topic are very diverse as I have noticed. I use the term smooth jazz for some of my music, because it is a known term, and because I sometimes play jazz that is quite smooth and contemporary. But what I mean is not exactly what the term is often used for. In fact, I think a lot of so-called smooth jazz has little to do with jazz. There is a lot of music out there that is made according to a sort of ´smooth recipe´, with little jazz content. For me, improvisation is an essential part of jazz, without that, or without specific originality of the composer, it is not jazz. The kind of smooth jazz that is just a repetition of cliche melodies, is not jazz, and unfortunately, a lot of ´smooth jazz´ is exactly that. I don´t like that kind of smooth jazz. Then again, some supposed jazz lovers make the mistake of classifying everything with a smooth sound or contemporary beat as elevator music, or weather channel music, because they don´t pay attention to what is really being played. When I play my ´smooth jazz´ there is always a lot of space for improvisation. I never hear that in any elevator, or on any weather channel. In fact, I play it with just as much imagination as a straight ahead jazz tune, only the feel is different. So, don´t judge on superficial sound alone, listen to content!