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Matt Otten's Jazz Exercises V2.3


Improvisation instructional package
 35 **
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 All Jazz Refill

Jazz guitar solos with TABS and backing tracks  30 **  use CDs button above

Smooth Jazz Refill


Smooth jazz solos with TABS and backing tracks

 28 **  use CDs button above
Loop Fun

Talking Jazz Guitar

Private Sessions

Blues Forms for Jazz Guitar


DVD-R video lessons based on loops

 DVD-R video lessons with full tunes, & backing tracks.

DVD-R Home studio informal video lessons on tunes and much more.

 DVD-R video lessons on blues from basic to advanced jazz blues. 


35 ***

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Order 2 DVD discount package for $60
($10,- discount)

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or even TJG)


Order 3 DVD discount package for $90
($15,- discount)


Order all 4 DVD's discount package for $115,-
(25,- discount)

Tube Tracks Vol I


Backing Tracks

Tube Tracks Vol II


 Backing Tracks

 Album Secret Combination

Audio CD

Smooth Jazz album
(in printed carton sleeve)
Matt Otten plays Elferink Guitars

Audio CD no longer available;
only as download

special edition album -- only available as download
Matt Otten plays Peerless Guitars

Audio CD
special edition album  15
Maria Harp / 14 Pieces for Harp and Bass

Audio CD
Album with Maria Harp and 4 world famous bass players
(full booklet / jewel case)
Maria Harp / Up Close

Audio CD
Guitars & voice album with Maria Harp
(full booklet / jewel case)

Matt Otten - YouTube Sound Tracks I:
Smooth Jazz

Audio CD
CD with  sound tracks from YouTube
Matt Otten - YouTube Sound Tracks II:

Audio CD
CD with  sound tracks from YouTube  15  
 ** For the Jazz Exercises and Refills: 2 CD's $10,- discount, 3 CD's, 15,- discount when purchased at the same time.
*** 10,- discount on 2 DVDs, $15,- discount on three DVDs, $25 discount on 4 DVD's
Of course you always save on shipping as well, when ordering multiple items at once.