Matt's YouTube videos have become incredibly popular among guitarists and many other music lovers, and have been viewed literally millions of times already. You can go directly to his YouTube channel here.
Many viewers have questions; some of the most asked questions are addressed in this section: Matt's comments.

If you are looking for TABS for YouTube videos: if there are TABS available, it will be mentioned on the Youtube video page; if not, there are no TABS. Most stuff there is anyway mostly improvisation, so obviously not everything can be TABBED (well, it can, so if YOU want to do it, feel free....).
On the links page you will find more links to Matt's music.

A collection of video sound tracks has been made availble on CD, so you can play the music you heard on Youtube in your CD player, and in better sound quality then what you hear on YouTube!  There are two volumes:


 Both are availabe on CD in the online shop.