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Top 10 Scams targeting seniors

33 Tips for avoiding scams

FBI Common Fraud Schemes

It is important to know where your money goes, to spend smarter and live within your means. You can use the following to create a budget in less than one hour of your time.

How to pay down debt

Isolation is something seniors should avoid in retirement. Here are 14 ways to avoid Isolation.

There are dangers to seniors from always eating alone. Here are a few:

How to Prepare today for your senior years for aging in place.

How to Avoid Falls at Home.

And here are some more tips on avoiding falling in the home.

Exercise and physical Activity—everyday guide from National Institute on Aging

Lots of Helping Hands is a great resource in times of need. Their site has a wonderful list of Support Groups and Organizations that you might find helpful.

Caregiving, from either the provider or receiver viewpoint is an important senior issue. Learn more on this issue at this site.

There is a good Family Caregiver Handbook for finding elder care resources in Massachusetts at this site

Circuit Breaker Tax break for Seniors. If you are collecting a state or federal pension, the pension is factored in for income to be eligible for this benefit.

You can file for this benefit even if you do not pay any state tax or have any withdrawn for you in a tax year. You must however file the tax form to get the benefit.

If you are learning about this for the first time you can file for it up to three previous years in back taxes depending what time in the calendar year you file.

For complete information on this benefit go to the Mass. Dept. of Revenue site.

Planning of moving out of state? Check on the tax structure of the state to which you are planning on moving before you make the move. This is important for seniors who live on a fixed income. You can get this information at the Retirement Living Information Center.

Startling statistic. In fiscal year 2005, 11,503 elder abuse reports were received and there were 3,713 newly confirmed cases of elder abuse. These numbers represent increases of over 16% for both categories when compared to fiscal year 2004 numbers. The average monthly Protective Services caseload, which includes new cases and previously opened cases, increased by 13.5% in fiscal year 2005, from 2,523 to 2,864 cases per month. For more information on this issue: Go to the Elder Affairs site.

Senior citizens represent 12 per cent of the U.S. population, but are 35 per cent of all fraud victims. Learn why this is the case at
US Boomers.

The United States Postal Service also offers warnings to seniors on this matter.

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