*The Massachusetts Retirees United aims to unite active and retired public sector employees so they can better protect their rights.

*The MRU helps seniors to recognize the power that is theirs as a collective group since a united voice will be heard.

*Educating present and future retirees on issues pertinent to their retirement is a major goal of the MRU.

· Purposes and works on bills at both state and federal level that are beneficial to retirees.

· Working to make sure that federal and state budgets are not balanced on the backs of seniors.

· Addresses issues concerning Social Security, Medicare, and the penalties and surcharge attached.

· Presents free retirement seminars that addresses both the personhood of the retiree as well as issues that are important to them.

· Working to increase the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) base.

· To help seniors recognize their power as a collective group

· Collaborating with Massachusetts retirees living in other states to educate them about the dual taxation on part of their pension.

photo: Helgi Halldórsson