MRU aims to unite active and retired public sector employees so they can better protect their rights. It is also dedicated to educating present and future retirees on issues pertinent to their retirement.

MRU is affiliated with the Social Security Fairness Organization and others in working for the complete repeal of the Windfall Elimination Provision and the Government Pension Offset, the penalty attached to Social Security benefits.

Retirees are at risk, as their benefits are being reduced and even eliminated. MRU has made history with the passage of the maternity bill that extended creditable service benefits to those retired prior to September 2000.

We assisted in the successful bill that increased by $15,000 the amount a retiree, returning to public sector work in Massachusetts.

We were also instrumental in the passing of the bill that increased to 1200 from 960 hours the hours a retiree may work in returning to public sector work in Massachusetts

MRU is run exclusively by volunteers and thus member dues go back into member benefits including periodical informative newsletters.

MRU is providing a new benefit for members by offering a scholarship program for graduating high school seniors. The two $2500.00 scholarships will be known as the Kathleen Kelley and Marie Ardito Scholarship.

photo: Dept. of Education