Connecting Communities in Mason District


The Mason District Council (MDC) is a non-profit organization designed to act as a support network and communication forum for citizens, Civic Associations and Home Owner Associations within the Mason District, County of Fairfax, Virginia. The organization also  facilitates the efforts of its member-associations by promoting the community’s general welfare through non-partisan, non-sectarian civic activities.  We are part of a larger organization - the
Fairfax Federation of Citizen Associations.  
To join us, please visit our membership information page.This site is designed to be a resource for neighborhoods in the Mason District of Fairfax VA. We hope this site will help all communities in our district connect! If you would like your neighborhood’s blog or website to be added to our site –  email us.   If you would like to join in conversation with other area neighborhoods you may join our Yahoo Group site or   email us to get on our email update list.

Connecting Your Community:

Like many other districts, our neighborhoods are becoming more culturally and socio-economically diverse. Uniting the community presents a challenge in today’s busy society. The MDC will serve as a system of support to those community leaders who are working hard for their neighborhoods.

The MDC provides a forum for leaders to communicate with each other, be inspired, and see that they are not alone in trying to "better" their neighborhoods. This organization will allow all associations who join to share information on solutions to common neighborhood problems.

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