Revitalization seems to be the big buzz word these days.  There are several efforts underway to revitalize Baileys Crossroads and Annandale. 
We believe revitalization also must also occur in the neighborhoods of Mason District.  Many of our communities are over 50 years old and the common areas and sometimes homes are showing their age.

The Fairfax County office of Human Services has grants available under the Neighborhood Enhancement Partnership Program.  Please see the website for more information.

Beautifying the common areas in  your neighborhood

Here are some examples of Mason District Neighborhoods that have revitalized parks and common areas through their Civic Associations:

Parklawn Civic Association members maintain two common areas in their neighborhood.  Both small patches of land were not being maintained by VDOT.  PCA members volunteers mow the larger Braddock road triangle in the summer months and have landscaped the smaller neighborhood triangle so they no longer have to rely on VDOT mow it.

Bel Air and Lee Blvd. Heights Civic Association’s worked with Fairfax County Park Authority to enhance their parks.  Please visit their website for contact info.

If you have a story about revitalization in your neighborhood that you would like to share with others, please contact us at
Other Revitalization Projects:

Accotink Creek Watershed Management Program

Annandale Revitalization

Baileys Crossroads Revitalization