Anti-Litter Ads & Community Clean Ups

Many neighborhoods in the Mason District are witnessing an increase in pedestrian traffic as we transition from suburban to more urban surroundings. With this increase in traffic, we also see an increase in litter. 
This page has anti-litter ads and artwork for outdoor banners for you to download - see below.
Here are some common things that communities can do to combat this growing problem:
Adopt a Highway- information can be found here.
The Alice Ferguson Foundation Potomac River Watershed Clean Up web site has several resources and it is worth your time to check this site out.
The Clean Fairfax Council will also provide your association with gloves, trash   bags and more if you host a clean up.
Schedule a clean up in your community.  Team up with other organizations, for example, the PTA at your local school and or a baseball/soccer team.
  • Send anti-litter messages out in your newsletters any time you have the space. See the pdf ads below and download them.
  • Anti-Litter Signs:  Pictured here, are some examples of signs and banners that the Parklawn and Ravenswood Park neighborhoods have used to help educate people with anti-litter messages.

  • If litter is surrounding a school soccer field, call and ask for additional trash cans to be set out during the warm months.  Please download the sample outdoor banner artwork to hang on school fencing at the bottom of this page.



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