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e. Teaching and Supervision


Courses Developed and Taught in the Graduate Programme at OISE/UT
  • CTL 1355    Curriculum Issues in Teacher Education: from Student to Teacher
  • CTL 1115    Constructing Professional Knowledge in Teaching: Holistic Perspectives to Teacher Education and Teacher Learning
  • CTL 1105    Research and Inquiry in the Arts.
  • CTL 4998    Independent Reading Course (Numerous individual students)
  • CTL 1809    Narrative and Story in Research and Professional Practice
Courses Developed in Teacher Education Programme at OISE/UT
  • EDU 3161    Teaching: Students, Schools and Systems
  • EDU 3140    Developing a Personal Philosophy
  • EDU 3162    Teachers’ Stories, Teachers’ Lives:  The Place of Narrative in Personal-Professional Development.
  • EDU 3508    School and Society
  • EDU 5520    Crafting a Teacher Identity (formerly named Developing a Personal Philosophy)
Courses Taught in Teacher Education Programme at OISE/UT
  • EDU3020    Programme Organization
  • EDU3140    Developing a Personal Philosophy
  • EDU 3100    Understanding Children and Youth
  • EDU 1101    English (Intermediate)
  • EDU 3240    Individual Research Project
  • EDU 3161    Teaching: Students, Schools and Systems
  • EDU 3162    Teachers’ Stories, Teachers’ Lives:  The Place of Narrative in Personal-Professional Development
  • EDU 3508    School and Society

Graduate Supervision


        4 Doctor of Philosophy Dissertations

        1 Doctor of Education Dissertation
        4 Master of Arts Dissertations
        11 Doctoral Level Qualifying Research Papers (QRP)
        5 Masters Research Papers (MRP)
        8 External Examiner ( PHD/EDD)
        1 External Examiner ( M. A.)

In Progress:    3 Doctor of Philosophy Dissertations
External Examiner of Doctoral Theses (external to OISE/UT):
  • January, 2009. External Examiner, La Trobe University, Victoria, Australia. PhD. A Theatre of the Observed: a Study of Adolescent Meaning-Making. Patricia McCann.
  • August 2006. External Examiner, University of Ballarat, Australia. Ed.D. Contemporary Ways of Learning in Secondary Teacher Education: Towards a Deeper Understanding of Teacher Learning.  Maryann Brown.
  • April 2006. External Examiner, University of Sydney, Australia. Ph.D. Noticing, Naming and Reframing Learning in Mathematics Teacher Education. Tracey Jayne Smith.
  • July 2004. External Examiner, University of British Columbia, Canada. Ph.D.  Making Sense with a Sense of Humor:  An Examination of the Joke as a Hermeneutic Unit and its Potential Place in Education.  Elaine Decker.
  • April 2002. External Examiner, University of Sydney, Australia.  Ph.D.  Teacher professional development journeys:  A narrative case study of four teachers of drama. Michael Anderson.
  • July 2002. External Examiner, University of Melbourne, Australia. Ph.D.  Music Education in daycare and pre-school.  Mary Downie.
  • October 1999.    External Examiner, University of Western Sydney, Nepean, Australia.  Ed.D. Portfolios: Narratives for Learning and Assessment.  Helen Woodward.
  • June 1997 External Examiner, University of Sydney, Australia.  Ed.D.  Perceptions of Teachers: A Case Study of Giftedness in Young Children.  Janice Margaret Hall.
  • External Examiner of Masters Theses
  • May 2000 External Examiner, Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario.  M.Ed. A Qualitative Study of the Issue of Authority from the Perspective of Secondary School Principals.  Carol L. Leis.

OISE/UT Graduate Supervisions Completed:

Doctoral Dissertations ( Ph.D./Ed.D) Supervised . (5 Completed)
  • Rae Johnson (Ph.D.)  Embodied Knowing: A Narrative Exploration.  Completed 2007.
  • Winifred Huntsberger (Ed.D.) An Inquiry Into Teachers' Roles in Inquiry Learning. Completed 2007
  • Darrell Dobson (Ph.D.) Narratives of Transformative Learning.  Completed 2007.
  • Carol Lipszyc (Ph.D.) Self Journeyer: On Writing and Teaching Paths: An Arts Based Autoethnographic Study on the Interconnectedness Between Teaching & Writing.  Completed  2006.
  • Carol Richardson (Ph.D.) A Narrative Study of the role of Music in the Lives of Three Preservice Teachers.  Completed 2006.

M.A. Theses Supervised.  (4 Completed)
  • Johardit Singh Barwait (M.A.) Teaching to Transform: An Exploration of Professional Development within Adult Education. Completed 2005.
  • Bob Phillips (M.A.) Ongoing Works of Art: Artful Pedagogy and Teaching Performance.  Completed 2005.
  • Rae Johnson (M.A.) Knowing in Our Bones; Exploring the Embodied Knowledge of Somatic Educators.  Completed 2003.
  • Angela Marsh (M.A.) Meaning – Making Through Art Making in a Community-Based Art Programme.  Completed 2004.

Doctoral Level Qualifying Research Papers Supervised (Q.R.P.)  (11 Completed)
  • Laura Hegge (Q.R.P.) A Spirit of Renewal: Teachers’ Practices for Succor, Survival and Renewal. Completed 2006.
  • Cynthia Argona.  (Q.R.P.) Identifying Ekvall's Ten Dimensions of Creative Climate in Aesthetic Education.  Completed 2005.
  • Katrina Kenny  (Q.R.P.)  A Journey of Pain & Healing: A Narrative of Self Injury. Completed 2005.
  • William Cho (Q.R.P.) Construction of Teachers’ Knowledge through Collaborative Research. Completed 2004.
  • Stacey Campbell (Q.R.P.) Action Research Narrative and Teachers’ Work.  Completed 2004.
  • Rae Johnson (Q.R.P.) Somatic Knowledge.  Completed 2003.
  • Laura Lee Kearns (Q.R.P.)  A Narrative Inquiry into Homophobia in Schools.  Completed 2002.
  • Wendy Dean (Q.R.P.) Journaling a Pathway through Grief. Completed 2001.  (Second Reader).
  • Lisa Onbelet (Q.R.P.) Developing Empathy.  Completed 2000.
  • Kathy Broad (Q.R.P.) Reflection and Teacher Development. Completed 1999.
  • Christina Grant (Q.R.P.) Music, Art and Teacher Development. Completed 1999.

Masters Research Papers Supervised (M.R.P). (5 Completed)
  • Peter Donatelli (M.R.P.) Learning About Teaching from Students. Completed  2006.
  • Jessica Dargo (M.R.P.) Building Connections between the theatre and the classroom:  developing teachers’ knowledge and practice.  Completed 2005.
  • Robert Lompart (M.R.P.) The Brilliance of Boys:  Perceptions of Masculinity and the Value of Visual Arts to Male Secondary Students.  Completed 2005.
  • Sandra Sonoski (M.R.P.) Constructing Professional Knowledge; Connecting Theory and Practice. Completed 1996.
  • Pauline Hargreaves (M.R.P.) Learning to teach; Studying a Beginning Teacher. Completed 1996.

Graduate Supervisions Ongoing

Ph.D. Supervisions: Ongoing

  • Lisa Onbelet (Ph.D.) Faithful Minds and Hearts: A Narrative Inquiry into the Learning and Teaching of Mindfulness and Empathy.
  • Linda Leckie (Ph.D.) Curriculum, Ecology and Teacher Development.
  • Laura Hegge (Ph.D.) Narrative Inquiry:  Teachers’ Practices for Renewal.

Graduate Committee Membership

        17 Doctor of Philosophy Dissertations

        6 Doctor of Education Dissertations
        3 Master of Education Dissertations

     In Progress:
        4 Doctor of Philosophy Dissertations

        1 Doctor of Education Dissertation
        1 Masters of Education Dissertation
Doctoral  Committee Memberships Completed:
  • Takbir Ali (Ph.D.)  Understanding How Improvement-Oriented High School Teachers Experience Change in Northern Pakistan.  Completed  2007. (Committee Member).
  • Anne Dhir (Ph.D) Perennial Pedagogy.   Completed, 2007. ( Committee Member)
  • Vicky Kelly (Ph.D.)  The Arts as Catalyst and Catharsis:  The Role of the Arts in Human Development. Completed  2006. (Committee Member).
  • Gail Thornton  (Ph.D.)  Glimpsing Spirit in Education: Valuing Personal Transformation.  Completed  2006.  (Committee Member).
  • Pauline Smiley (Ph.D.) Exploring College Students’ Experiences with Breath Meditation:  A Case Study.  Completed 2006.  (Committee Member).
  • Julian Kitchen (Ph.D.)  Relational Teacher Development.  A Quest for Meaning in the Garden of Experience.  Completed 2005.  (Committee Member).
  • Duishonkul Alievich  Shamatov (Ph.D.) The Professional Socialization of Beginning Teacher in Post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan.  Completed 2005.  (Committee Member).
  • Melanie Tait (Ph.D.) A Strengths Approach to Challenges and Growth in the First Year of Teaching.  Completed 2005.  (Committee Member).
  • Mola-Dad Shafa (Ph.D.) Understanding how a Government Secondary School Head Addresses School Improvement Challenges in the Northern Areas of Pakistan.  Completed 2003. (Committee Member).
  • Ayesha Bashiruddin  (Ph.D.)  Learning English & Learning to Teach English: The Case of Two Teachers of English in Pakistan. Completed 2002.  (Committee Member).
  • Brenda Beatty (Ed.D.)  Emotion Matters in Educational Leadership. Completed 2002.  (Committee Member).
  • Sheila Cook (Ed.D.) Understanding Empathy: Inner Language in Second Language Teaching.  Completed 2002.   (Committee Member).
  • Gina Valli (Ph.D.) Responding to Diversity in our Classrooms:  Teachers tell their stories.  Completed 2001.  (Committee Member).
  • Liliana Vani (Ph.D.) Portfolios; Assessment as Professional Learning.  Completed  2001. (Committee Member).
  • Jean Biro (Ed.D.) A Preliminary Investigation Towards Initiating Cooperative Learning with Mainstreamed Deaf/Hard of Hearing Students.  Completed 2000.  (Committee Member).
  • Jacqueline Karsemeyer (Ph.D.) Moved by the Spirit: A Narrative Inquiry Completed 2000. (Committee Member).
  • Geraldine Lyn Piluso (Ph.D.)  What Else Is There To Do? A Heuristic Study of Emancipatory Relationships.  Completed 2000. (Committee Member).
  • Sharon Speir (Ph.D.) The Mything Link: An Analysis of the Archetypes, Images, Metaphors and Myths in the 'Crisis and Education' Story. Completed 1999.  (Committee Member).
  • Gianna Di Rezze (Ph.D.) Moral Purpose and Change Agentry; Case Studies of Experienced Teachers. Completed 1999.  (Committee Member).
  • Michael Farrell (Ed.D) Drama and the Postmodern. Completed 1999. (Committee Member).
  • Sheila Dermer Applebaum  (Ph.D.) Conversations in Counterpoint: A Narrative Inquiry into the Professional Knowledge Landscape of Female Administrators at a Board of Education. Completed 1998. (Committee Member).
  • Jennifer Anne MacIntyre (Ed.D.) Personal and Professional Renewal: Exploring Relational Learning Among Consultants within a Group Context. Completed 1998. (Committee Member).
  • Fiona O’Donoghue (Ed.D.) The Hunger for Professional Learning in Nunavut Schools.  Completed 1998. (Committee Member).

Masters Committee Memberships Completed:

  • Paul Royce (M.A.) Spirit Wave: A Model of Holistic Change.  Completed 2005. (Committee Member).
  • Stephanie Sauvé (M.A.)  Magical Narrative: Playful Construction of Life Experiences in Exploratory Pedagogy.  Completed 2004.  (Committee Member).
  • Michelle Evans (M.A.)  Ritual and Rites of Passage:  A Gentle Unfolding of Self.  Completed 1999.  (Committee Member).

Doctoral Committee Memberships Ongoing:
  • Enid Lee (Ph.D.) Beyond Technique for Transformation: A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Black Educators' Perceptions of Professional Development and Leadership Models that Facilitate Anti-Racist Change.
  • Kim Eyre (Ph.D.) How Elementary Music Teachers Construct their Professional Knowledge. Faculty of Music, University of Toronto).
  • Shafik Nanji (Ph.D.) The Sign's Enchantment.
  • Lilja Jonsdottir (Ph.D.) Narrative Inquiry and Teacher Development. University of Iceland.
  • Carol Ireland (Ed.D.) Creating a Presence of Place.

Masters  Committee Memberships Ongoing:
  • Cheryl St. Hilier  (M.A.)  Spirituality: The Heart of Catholic Education.