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i. Work in Progress

  • 2010 - CTL1809 Narrative and Story in Research and Professional Practice, OISE/UT, Fall term 2010.
  • 2009 - Narrative and Story in Research and Professional Practice. Intensive course delivered to Holistic and Integrated Studies Masters Cohort at California State University, San Bernadino, California.
  • 2009 - Honorary Board Member, Hey, Teach! The Victoria College Education Magazine at The University of Toronto.
    2006/2009 - Guest lecturer to Education Cohort, Ryerson Stream, Victoria College at The University of Toronto.
    2008 - Invited Lecture/Workshop, University of Iceland, Reyjkavik, Qualitative Research and Narrative Inquiry.
  • 2007 Invited Lecture, Centro Toronto, and Universita per Stranieri, University of Siena, Italy. Finding new words for old songs: Creating professional knowledge through interacting narratives
  • 2006 - OISE/UT Editorial Consultant - Curriculum Inquiry
  • 2006 - Editorial Board Member and Overseas Corresponding Member-  Mentoring and Tutoring
  • 2005 - Invited Lecture, California State University, San Bernardino USA: Narrative Research: The Possibilities and Complexities
  • 2002-2004 - Editorial Board Member, McGill Journal of Education
  • 2002 - Invited Convocation Address, Toronto Montessori Institute, Toronto
  • 2002 - Invited Lecture, Steinhardt School of Education, New York University: Teacher Development: A Narrative and Holistic Perspective
  • 2001 - Invited Presenter, Canadian Montessori Annual Conference, Toronto
  • Jan-July 1997 - Invited Visiting Scholar, Stanford University, School of Education, California, USA
  • July 1997 - Invited Keynote Address to the Australian Curriculum Studies Biennial Conference, University of Sydney, N.S.W. Australia
  • July 1996 - Invited Keynote Address to the Australian Teacher Educators Annual Conference, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
  • July 1996 - Invited Lecture: John Smythe Memorial Lecture, Victorian Institute of Educational Research, University of Melbourne, Australia: Teacher Narratives: What We Learn from Teachers’ Stories
  • May 1993 - Invited Keynote Address to Canadian Association of Principals Annual National Conference, St. Johns, Newfoundland
  • 1995-1997 - Member, Editorial Review Board, The Teacher Educator
  • 1993-1996 - Chair, OISE Press (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education) Publications Board

  • American Educational Research Association
  • Association of European Teacher Educators
  • Imaginative Education research Group
  • Holistic Education Network
  • Spirituality in Education, Special Interest Group, AERA