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d. Scholarly Writing

Monographs Authored (Peer Refereed):
  • Beattie, M. (1995). The Case of Corktown Community High School:  A Distinctive Urban Alternative School. Toronto: Canadian Education Association Publication: 172 pages.

Articles in Refereed Journals:
  • Beattie, M. (2007). Creating a Self: A Narrative and Holistic Perspective. International Journal of Education and the Arts. 8,(13) http://ijea.asu.edu: 1-25.
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  • Beattie, M. (1995). The Making of a Music:  The Construction and Reconstruction of a Teacher's Personal Practical Knowledge.  Curriculum Inquiry, 25 (2): 133-150.

Review Essays / Book Reviews in Refereed Journals:

  • Beattie, M. (2008). Connecting the Prose and the Passion; Education as making Connections. An Essay/Review of Education as Translation: A Metaphor for Change in Learning and Teaching. Alison Cook-Sather, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Curriculum Inquiry: 38 (4): 515-531.
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  • Beattie, M. (1997). Teachers' Stories (Book Review).  Educational Research, 39 (2): 236-237.
  • Beattie, M. (1995). Learning to teach; Teaching to learn (Book Review).  Teaching Education, 7 (2).

Book Chapters:

  • Beattie, M. (2002). Finding New Words for Old Songs: Creating Relationships and Community in Teacher Education. In Re-Educating the Educator: Global Perspectives on Community Building. Christiansen, H. & Ramadevi, S. (Eds.) State University of New York Press, Albany, New York: 17-38.
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Conference Proceedings Edited:
  • Beattie, M., Gruneau, H. & Thiessen, D. (Eds.) (1996). Interpersonal, Sources of Development for Beginning & Experienced Teachers. Toronto:  Among Teachers Community Publishing Group, 235 pages.
Papers in Refereed Conference Proceedings:
  • Beattie, M., Dobson, D., Hegge, L. & Thornton, G. (2006). Interacting Narratives: The Arts, Spiritual Practices, and the Transformation of Self. Paper Published in I.E.R.G. (Imagination in Education Research Group) Conference proceedings. http://ierg.net/confs/viewpaper.php/id: 1-28.
  • Beattie, M., Dobson, D., Thornton, G. and Hegge, L. (2005).  Imagination, the Arts and the Transformation of Consciousness.  Paper published in I.E.R.G. Conference proceedings. http://www.3.educ.sfu.ca/conference/ierg/2005/paper.php.
  • Beattie, M. (2004). Imagination and Education. Paper published in I.E.R.G. Conference Proceedings. http://www.3.educ.sfu.ca/conference/ierg/2004/paper.php.     
  • Beattie, M. (1998). Becoming a Teacher: Collaboration in the Construction of Professional Knowledge: Finding Answers in Our Own Reality.  In, Sugrue, K. (Ed.).  Teaching, Curriculum and Educational Research. St. Patrick's College, Dublin, Ireland: 147-159.
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  • Beattie, M. (1990). Partnerships in Publishing:  Research and Report for the Canadian Book Publishers Association (School Group):
  • Beattie, M. (1993). Report to the Royal Commission on Learning on Behalf of the Canadian Book Publishers Council: