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Swimmers with your name in today's paper: Samuel M, Andrew M, Ryan P, Kodee S, Zachary H, Matthew M, Brandon W, Hunter W.

Check out the article in 10/28's (Sun) paper, editorial page, by Michelle Singletary, regarding scholarships for colleges.  Sobering.  Might help parents to consider other avenues for college funding.

**GSHL league Top Ten times will be posted to the league website, www.2agshl.com, on Monday mornings.  Look for the files "2a...indiv.pdf" and "2a....relay.pdf".   From the home page, go to "Girls Sports",  "Swim and Dive" in the banner at the top of the page.  Several Lady Monarchs made the lists.  The lists should be updated each Monday with the previous week's meets.

Upcoming Events

MM/RAL Boys:

Update to shirt/jacket/sweatshirt prices is on the suits and stuff page, at the bottom.  Likely more to come.

Jan 12, Sat:  Kelso Invite
**Note:  there is no bus transportation for this meet...arrange rides both ways early
Location:  Gaither Pool, Kelso High School, Kelso, WA
Arrive at pool:   7:30 am
Warmups:    8:00 am
Meet Starts:    10:00 am
Anticipated Finish:    4:00 pm  (will be updated as entries become complete)

Jan 16, 2019, Wed:  at Aberdeen
**Note:  this will be a long travel meet:  Running Start students, please make arrangements early with professors; all other swimmers:  make arrangements with classmates/teachers for missed work, homework assignments.  
Location:  YMCA of Grays Harbor, WA
Bus departs RAL:    12:30 pm
Bus departs MM:    12:45 pm
Arrive GHYMCA:       2:45 pm
Warmups:    3:00 pm
Meet Starts:    4:00 pm
Anticipated Finish:    6:15 pm
Bus departs GHYMCA:    6:30 pm
Arrive Lighthouse Restaurant:    6:45 pm    (Bring money for dinner, $8-15)
Bus departs Salmon Creek:    7:45 pm
Bus returns DMMP:    9:45 pm (RAL swimmers should arrange pick up at DMMP)

Jan 23, 2019, Wed:  at Kelso
**Note:  this will be Senior Night for all three schools.  Senior swimmers, please make sure your parents are invited.
**'nother note:  There will be NO bus transportation in either direction for this meet.  Please arrange rides early.
Location:  Gaither Pool, Kelso High School, Allen St, Kelso, WA
Arrive Gaither:       3:30 pm
Warmups:    4:00 pm
Meet Starts:    5:00 pm
Senior Night Activity:  approx. 5:30 pm
Anticipated Finish:    7:00 pm

Jan 26, Sat:  SWW Invite
Location:  DMMP
Arrive at pool, for setup:   7:30 am
Warmups:    8:00 am
Meet Starts:    10:00 am
Anticipated Finish:    4:00 pm
Anticipated Release:    4:15 pm
Note this is a home hosted meet.  ALL RAL and MM swimmers are expected to assist with cleanup and equipment stowage at the completion of the meet. With everyone assisting, it will go quickly.  Please arrange with your rides to pick you up after the completion of cleanup.  Do not embarrass them by letting them think you can leave early.  Do not ask to leave early...very high upset will ensue.   

MM Girls:

First Day of Practice for 2019 Season:    Monday, Aug 26, 2019
Swimmers:  stay in touch with next year's seniors for summer fund-raisers, phone calling


**If you have gotten a letter re: China Cultural Exchange, check my note on the Parent Resources page of this website.**

Snow Days:  with the possibility of school closures due to snow/inclement weather fast approaching, here is school policy for swim practice on those days:
In the event that there is no school due to snow/weather related closure:
·         Please reinforce with athletes and families that practice is optional.
·         Please do not have practice start before 10 A.M. and have practice completed by 5 P.M.
Announcements will appear on this website:  generally expect to start practice at 11 am, run till 1 pm.  If it is not safe for you to travel, then do not attend practice.  If it is safe for you to travel, then you should attend practice.  

**College Swimming Link**
This site usually wants to avoid commercial links but this may be one of interest to seniors and even juniors if they are looking at swimming in college.  It says to create a FREE personal page that lists colleges at each level (Div-I Div-II, Div-III) that might be appropriate for your level of swimming.   If anyone chooses to try it, please let me know how it works for you and especially if it asks for money or personal info like SSN's at some point, at which I will remove it.   Do NOT give out personal info like that if asked!
http://www.lookforit.com/    (copy and paste in your browser).

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