Public Speaking

Speak Eloquently   

Tired of blushing, stuttering or forgetting just what you wanted to say.

Develop your speaking ability and clarity to 

any number of people about any subject.

Fear of public speaking is the most common fear and one of the most intense.

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The responses in the body triggered by speaking in public can be utterly overwhelming. Your heart pounding in your chest, light headed, muzzy thinking or even a total block! Dry mouth, sweaty palms, blushing, stuttering, the list goes on of unpleasant sensations and reactions.

When you are in this state, you will feel scattered, confused and unable to focus your attention. It is very difficult to take in new information and you can't experience what's happening in the present moment.


Many client’s describe the fear of public speaking as completely terrifying and traumatic. This fear often has many parts: fear of being judged, of being embarrassed, humiliated, discovered, looking incompetent, and fear of making a mistake.

Using a combination of yoga techniques and EFT as an effective tool helps when dealing with emotions, self-limiting beliefs, physiological responses, obstacles, triggers, and concerns that most fearful public speakers deal with.

EFT is like acupuncture without the needles. Our bodies are made up of subtle energies. When negative emotions are present they cause disruption of the bodies energy system. With EFT you stimulate certain meridian points by tapping on them, and it tends to balance the energy flow in our body, and has such wonderful results.