If you can breathe then you can do yoga

"I want to earn my living by loving"...       Marion Bevington 2009

Yoga combines physical postures, breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques.

It is beneficial for people of any age, weight or physical fitness level.

Reduces stress and anxiety and promotes better sleep.

Releases tension, gets you fit, strong and flexible.

The benefits of practicing yoga are different for each individual, but always positive and transforming.

In yoga there is no word for love.  Instead we talk of Ahimsa - non harming.

My intention is to protect what's already there, not to interfere with or make anything worse.

To respect you as you are and be clear about what you are asking.

I love being part of a process which help us all realize that happiness, peace and health are already within.

Practicing yoga unveils those qualities, so the real You shines through.

Yoga is suitable for all ages and all conditions, from babies and children through to the elderly and infirm.

I love yoga, practicing and teaching are just so much fun and so rewarding, join me. I can help 

Marion Bevington