Middle School and Youth Rules (2023)


In Maine, youth age groups are usually named by grades in school as follows:  

8U (grades K-2), 10U (grades 3/4), 12U (grades 5/6), 14U (grades 7/8)

Helpful links

These links provide information specific to the youth game and the Maine Youth Girls Lacrosse Association, as well as some general information about officiating girls lacrosse.  

USA Lacrosse 2023 High School and Youth Rules Interpretation Videohttps://vimeo.com/795376914

USA Lacrosse rule books and interpretation video also available at https://www.usalacrosse.com/girls-and-womens-rules

3-seconds closely guardedhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_n92UhEZOHA   

Shooting Space Videos (uses ropes to outline shooting space violations):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgJzzpjrdFA   

Women's Game Officials' Training Manual (information and guidance about how to officiate):


Helpful rules documents posted below. 

USA Lacrosse 2023 Guidelines for Girls Youth Lacrosse    (too long to print, but could be downloaded to smart phone)

Also available at https://www.usalacrosse.com/girls-and-womens-rules

USA Lacrosse 2023 Rule Change Summary for Girls Youth Lacrosse

2023 USAL High School Rule Book Excerpts   (includes most relevant sections that also apply to girls' youth lacrosse) 

It will be very helpful to print a copy of each of these documents and carry them with you in your lacrosse umpiring bag to review before your games.

2023 Girls youth lacrosse rules summary 2023          (one page summary)

2023 Youth Rules Comparison Tables 8-14U girls - Maine modified        (includes full details)

2023 Rules and penalty administration summary

2023 Timer-Scorer Youth      (guidelines)

USA Lacrosse 2023 Girls Youth Rules Exam, and answer sheet

Download and take this paper exam before answering the same questions on the USAL website.  Note that the order of questions will be different online for each person taking the test.  To find out correct answers, use the answer sheet and send your results to Barbara Snapp (mwloatraining4ups@gmail.com).  She will then email you the correct answers.

2023 Girls youth lacrosse rules summary 2023.pdf
2023 Youth Rules Comparison Tables 8-14U girls - Maine modified.pdf
2023 Rules and penalty administration abbreviated.pdf
2023 Timer-Scorer Youth.pdf
2023 Girls Youth Rule Change Summary_USAL.pdf
2023 USAL Girls Youth Guidebook.pdf
2023 USAL-NFHS Rulebook excerpt.pdf
2023 Youth Girls Rules Exam.pdf
2023 USAL Youth Rules Exam - ANSWER SHEET 1pg.docx
2023 USAL Youth Rules Exam - ANSWER SHEET 1pg.pdf