2020 ALL Junior Officials and Parent Officials

2020 Junior Officials and Parent Officials                             

2020 Dates and Locations for Junior Official and Parent Official Training

Note:  due to the coronavirus, our scheduled venues have cancelled our use of their facilities.

There will be no training for new officials.  

Returning Junior Officials will be able to re-certify in an online session.  Details will be posted when they are finalized.

Returning officials should register below, so that re-certification information can be sent when it is ready.

Junior Officials (Teen/Players)

MWLOA recognizes that our high school players are an excellent resource and should have the opportunity to give back to the sport we love by officiating youth lacrosse games.  


Parent Officials (Officiate Grades 1-6 only)

Parents or other adults interested in officiating ONLY youth games (grades 1-6) are also welcome to participate in this training.  Parents will be able to officiate their daughter's games.


Registration Requirements for All Junior Officials and Parent/Adult Officials of Only Youth Lacrosse:

To be certified through MWLOA and US Lacrosse to officiate youth lacrosse games, new player/officials will need to do all of the following:

·       Be a member of US Lacrosse - Link to join US Lacrosse


·       Take and pass the US Lacrosse Rules Tests

·       Complete the USL on-line officiating course

·       Pay $25 annual dues to MWLOA (new officials)

    $15 for returning officials; if a new uniform shirt is needed, cost is $25

    This cost covers:

   An "Official" t-shirt for wear while officiating game

   A set of cards

   A whistle

   Class materials

    Checks should  be made out to MWLOA and brought to the training clinic.


2020 Dates and Locations for Junior Official and Parent Official Training

See above

All interested teen/players and parent officials must complete pre-registration.  

Please complete the form at the bottom of the page.  We will contact you with final details once those details have been determined.


2020 Junior and Parent Officials Pre-Registration Form

If you have further questions, please contact Barbara Snapp: mwloatraining4umps@gmail.com