2024 ALL Juniors and Parent/Adults Training to Officiate the Youth Game Only

2024 Junior Officials and Parents and Adults who wish to officiate youth games only (grades 3/4 and 5/6)                            

Junior Officials (Teen/Players) and Adult/Parent Officials

MWLOA recognizes that our high school players are an excellent resource and should have the opportunity to give back to the sport we love by officiating youth lacrosse games.  Our training will be in person for the 2024 program. We will have two training opportunities to choose from based on location. All new and returning Junior and Parent officials will be required to attend one of the two dates.  We will cover rules, updates to the youth game, and go through game-like scenarios from the pregame requirements to the final whistle. 

MWLOA also recognizes that parents or other adults that attend youth games can help solve shortages in availability of high school officials and junior officials. The training for adults officiating only the youth game is identical to the Junior Official Training and takes place at the same time.

Registration requirements for all Junior Officials and Parent (Adult) Youth Officials

To be certified through MWLOA and USA Lacrosse to officiate youth lacrosse games, new player/officials will need to do all of the following:

· Be in 9th-12th grade or an adult (18 or older)

·       Be a member of US Lacrosse - Link to join USA Lacrosse


·       Take and pass the USA Lacrosse Youth Rules Test

·       Pay $25 dues to MWLOA    

This cost covers:

An "Official" t-shirt to wear while officiating games

A set of cards

A whistle

Class materials

Returning Junior Officials and returning Parent Officials pay $10 dues to MWLOA.   A new shirt may be purchased for an additional $15.

All interested teen/players and parent/adults who wish to officiate just the youth game - Please complete the form at the bottom of the page so we can contact you when further details are determined.

NOTE:  documents and links related to rules can be found on the Middle School and Youth Rules (2024) subpage of this website.  Please go there to download documents.

In addition, a summary of expectations for Junior Officials is posted for download below.

If you have further questions, please contact Kayla Billings: MaineJOlacrosse@gmail.com

Junior Official summary points 2022.pdf