Bernard MacMenamin (1880)

Bernard John MacMenamin (Nov 4, 1880*-Oct 23, 1955) *Bernard's Draft Card written by him Birthplace: Bernondsey, London England in the Poor Catholic Section. – His parents immigrated to England during the Potato Famine. Bernard's Father was said to be a Wine Tester. Bernard’s older brother was Joseph (1877) of the Tie Co. Bernard is burried at St. Raymond's Cemetery 1201 Balcom Ave Bronx NY Section12 Range 18 Plot (blank) Grave 92

Bernard married Alice Girard (43 Hardwicke Street Rotunda Dublin Ireland Mason House with 7 windows in front, 8 rooms, 11 people ) She was very cultured, A school teacher. She played the piano and sang.

Born:1875 - 5-18-1920 from Cholera & Tuberculosis

Buried in St. Raymonds Cemetary, NYC on 5-21-1920 (McMenamin), she was 45 and had

Bernard & Alice were married on June 15, 1903 at the Roman Catholic Chapel of Orn Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland

4 sons: John(1904), Patrick(1905), Brian(1907) & Colm(1913) was born in America, .

    • Alice Girard's Father Peter Gerrard, born in Ireland in 1851.

    • Alice Girard's Mother: Maggie O'Donohue born in Ireland in 1854.

    • Alice (1875) was the oldest child, she had 3 sisters: Margaret (1880), Annie (1883) & Bridget (1886 was her marriage witness), and 2 brothers: Peter (1889)& Joseph(1893)

    • The boys were in the the orphanage after their mother died 5/18/1920 until Bernard remarried Sara 8-22-1920 which was 1 yr 3mos

Bernard & Alice had 4 children: John, Patrick, Brian & Colm.

The first three boys were born in Dubin and lived at 26 Screple Street. Bernard MacMenamin sailed from Liverpool on Nov 7, 1908 and arrived in America on Nov 30, 1908.

Records show the family arrived in 1909, March 21, 1909 (From John Joseph's Petition for Citizenship)

and the Name for Alice, Patrick, Brian and John was MacNamin on the ship Campania

Colm was born in America on Feb-12-1913.

Alice passed away from Influenza-TB-Cholera & Operative Shock 7 years later.

After Alice Girard MacMenamin's death (5-18-1921) the 4 boys were put into Catholic Protective Home/Orphanage until Bernard remarried 6 months later - they were able to get the boys out of the orphanage.

Bernard Married Sarah Josephine Geddis born Nov 12, 1891 and lived in Belfast, N. Ireland, immigrated on Feb 28 1921. and

married 6 months later on Aug 22, 1921 at Our Lady of __ (Brian John MacMenamin and Sarah Josphone Geddis) in NewYork, NewYork (Nov 12, 1885 ??-May 6, 1958 lived 72 years) who had been sent to America after she smuggled a gun. She was part of the Shinn-Fain Movement, more political than the IRA. Sarah hid the gun in a hat box for the IRA, because the “Black & Tan” criminals & prisoners were released from jail by Britain and sent to Ireland to put down the Irish Republic before the 1916 rebellion.

Sara had vivid blue eyes , The 4 loved boys loved her - they even loved her more than their father.

Sarah & Bernard had 4 more children James(10-15-1922), Maureen Mary (8-22-1924 died at 6yrs), (Joseph (4-2-1926), & Bernadette(*[from Sara's Naturalization application #414318] 5-2-1930, actual DOB=3-2-1930). She was beloved by John, Patrick, Brian & Colm. She loved and cared for them as a mother. It was because of Sara the 4 boys were released to Bernard from the orphanage, and they never forgot her kindness,

and always referred to her as "Mother".

Sara was distressed after the deaths of Brian(4-22-1928) and Maureen(3-18-1931), She Bernard and their 3 children sailed on 5/9/1931 to Belfast, N Ireland. Sara took 1 year old Bernadette, 5 year old Joseph and James and returned to Ireland from May-9-1931 thru Sep-27-1932, almost a year and 1/2. Part of the reason for the long visit was because Sara was NOT yet a citizen. Aunt Bernadette's cassette 1984 recording from Jil & Aunt Alice's trip to Washington DC explains their journey

When Sara tried to come back to the United States after her visit home to Belfast Ireland, she was not allowed to return.

She was not a citizen. Emigration did not want people coming into the US that did not have good employment potential.

Bernard was beside himself - he did not know how to get his wife and 2 youngest children back home. When his friend Mr. Hennessy who just happened to be Bernard's son Patrick's future father-in-law, heard the story, he had his lawyers draw up papers giving Bernard one of his businesses. Bernard was able to get Sara, Joey & Bernadette back into the United State. Mr. Hennessy's lawyers then drew up papers having Bernard return the business to Mr. Hennessy.

Sara eventually gained US Citizenship in 1944 (see paperwork below)

Sarah Josephine Geddis MacMenamin

    • Sara was 5ft 4in, 130 lbs, Vivid Blue eyes & Brown hair

    • 1891, Born:, Belfast N. Ireland

    • 1921: Feb 28, 1921 Arrived in America

    • She met Bernard who sang in the choir with her uncle. They were married 6 weeks later.

    • Married Bernard (Brian John) Aug 22 1921

            • Birth of Jimmy Oct 15, 1922

            • Birth of Maureen Mary

            • Birth of Joey April 2, 1926

            • Death of s-son Brian MacMenamin April 22, 1928

            • Birth of Bernadette May 2, 1930

    • 1931:

            • 1931-March-18 Maureen died at age 6

            • 1931-May 9th Sailed to Belfast N. Ireland with her 3 children on 5/9/1931

            • 1939: SocSec-068-03-8667 Issued 7/24/1939

            • 1944: Petition # 414348 signed 4/4/1944 ara applied for 4-4-1944 citizenship/naturalization #3440609

Bernard was Naturalized on in the Bronx, New York City Cert #3261366

    • Certificate of US Citizenship # 5911646 April 25, 1930

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