LWV elects leadership during their annual spring meeting. While there is a nominating committee that provides suggested leadership roles, anyone is able to make electoral nominations. Below are the current board elected officials as of May, 2018.
Margy Davey
Email: margy@mdavey.us
A strong interest in social justice and a background in advocacy led me to LWV. "I like the nonpartisan sharing of ideas and the in-depth study of issues LWV provides. I appreciate that diverse opinions are welcome and thoughtfully digested in a safe and respectful atmosphere."

Vice President

Alana Erickson
Email: ericksonalana@gmail.com
"Healthcare access issues spurred my passion for advocacy and improving the process for vulnerable populations. A recent implant from southwest Wisconsin, I sought out one of my favorite civic groups (LWV) to share my communication expertise and learn more about my new community."
Newsletter Editor
Kathy Propp
Email: kmpropp42@gmail.com
Committed LWV member since 1968. Oshkosh City Council member 1976-92, Oshkosh Mayor 1984-86. Current member of Oshkosh Plan Commission. LWV sets aside political party talking points to learn about all sides of local, state, and national public policy issues.

Vicki Lenz
Email: lenz.vicki@gmail.com
Director of the Elisha D. Smith Public Library in Menasha.

Karen Boehning
Email: boehningk@gmail.com
Retired librarian with a strong interest in social issues.


Ann Marshall
Email: amarshall@new.rr.com
I joined LWV 15 years ago following retirement from Mercy Medical Center where I was employed as a social worker. My interest in social justice issues continues. I helped establish the Oshkosh Area Food Pantry and the Day by Day Warming Shelter.
Posy Thurow
Email: posythurow@gmail.com 
"After spending my career in adult education at FVTC, joining an organization that works to educate voters seemed like a pretty good second act." 

Carol Codner
Email: chcodner@gmail.com
An LWV member since 1977, Carol has a strong interest in social justice.

Jeanne Bredbeck
Email: jeanne.bredbeck@gmail.com
Jeanne studied computer science at Ohio and Kent State. She spent the majority of her career as project manager with extensive international travel. She retired with her husband Don WI in 2011. Jeanne is passionate about bringing policy awareness to all citizens so they might be active participants.