LWV elects leadership during their annual spring meeting. While there is a nominating committee that provides suggested leadership roles, anyone is able to make electoral nominations. Below is the current board elected officials as of May, 2017.

Ann Marshall
Email: amarshall@new.rr.com
I joined LWV 15 years ago following retirement from Mercy Medical Center where I was employed as a social worker. My interest in social justice issues continues. I helped establish the Oshkosh Area Food Pantry and the Day by Day Warming Shelter.

Margy Davey
Email: margy@mdavey.us
A strong interest in social justice and a background in advocacy led me to LWV. I like the nonpartisan sharing of ideas and the in-depth study of issues LWV provides. I appreciate that diverse opinions are welcome and thoughtfully digested in a safe and respectful atmosphere.
Newsletter Editor
Kathy Propp
Email: kmpropp42@gmail.com
Committed LWV member since 1968. Oshkosh City Council member 1976-92, Oshkosh Mayor 1984-86. Current member of Oshkosh Plan Commission. LWV sets aside political party talking points to learn about all sides of local, state, and national public policy issues.

Vicki Lenz
Email: lenz.vicki@gmail.com
Director of the Elisha D. Smith Public Library in Menasha.

Karen Boehning
Email: boehningk@gmail.com
Retired librarian with a strong interest in social issues.

Communications Director
Alana Erickson
Email: ericksonalana@gmail.com
Communication Specialist with the Winnebago County Health Department. "Healthcare access issues spurred my passion for advocacy and improving the process for vulnerable populations. A recent implant from southwest Wisconsin, I sought out one of my favorite civic groups (LWV) to share my communication expertise and learn more about my new community."
Pat Blades
Email: blades4@athenet.net
Pat coordinates our Candidate Forums. She advocates for informed voting at all levels of government.

Carol Codner
Email: chcodner@gmail.com
A LWV member since 1977, Carol has a strong interest in social justice.

Susan Curran
Email: susankcurran@att.net
I joined LWV after my retirement in 2012.  Although I am very much interested in social justice issues, I am particularly concerned about what I see as the erosion of our democratic process through gerrymandering and “big money” in politics.