We're starting to schedule Candidate Forums throughout Winnebago County - stay updated by check our Google Calendar (below) and/or share through our Facebook Events.

Check out our Facebook Events page for updates and an easy way to share with friends!

Looking to get involved?

Besides our monthly Food for Thought we are looking to hold more regular meetings for members to engage and work with our community. This fall we will be planning some "How to run for Office" workshops, some evening events (Trivia 101?), and of course looking forward to our 100th birthday celebration next February. If you would like to help with any of these events - contact our league by emailing: wcLWVinfo@gmail.com or talking with any of our Board of Directors.

The League of Women Voters of Winnebago County is a local organization supported by counterparts at the state and national level. Contact the League of Women Voters of the U.S. at lwv@lwv.org or visit the website at http://www.lwv.org.Contact the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin at lwvwisconsin@lwvwi.org or visit the website at http://www.lwvwi.org.

Are you registered? Do you know where to vote? To find information about voter registration, absentee ballots, and general information about local and national elections, please visit the Voter Information webpage.

Visit the YouTube playlist of all LWV and Oshkosh Media Candidate Forums.