How to Advertise

Adverts are for commercial businesses only - if you want to publicise a community event, see How to Submit

We carry a limited number of adverts in the newsletter.

These are small adverts on the last two pages of sixteen.

In months when the newsletter has twenty pages, the last three pages may contain adverts.

All adverts are currently printed in colour.

Adverts are also included in the web version - see the 'Local Business' webpages.
read our Advertising Policy.


Prices per insertion for a one-off advert are:

Size Inside page Back page

5cm x 12.8cm £14.50 £18.00

3.5cm x 12.8cm £10.00 £13.50

A discount is applied when committing to a full year of adverts.

Applying to Advertise

We will only advertise businesses approved by our Editorial Board.

The Editorial Board will consider each application in line with the overall objective of the newsletter - that it is of interest to the residents of Longhorsley.

This includes the suitability of and local support for the product or service.

At their discretion, the Editorial Board may take up references and check the qualifications of the applicant.

If the advertising space is over-committed, we will operate a rota.

New advertisers will always be included as soon as they are approved.

We will not guarantee that adverts are included every month.

Advertising revenue reduces the subsidy we get from Longhorsley Parish Council.

If you want to advertise in this newsletter, please contact us by email or phone.
Olive Light 07907 714455

Format of Submissions

Please supply an advert of the appropriate size using one of the templates below - do not send DOCX or PUB formats.

Tree Submission Adverts.doc (Word Document)

Tree Submission Adverts.odt (Open Document)

The Longhorsley Tree is published on A5 with 1cm margins using Arial 11pt font.

These documents are in this format.

If you include images please make sure they are high definition.

Please include text as editable text rather than an image of the text.

If you are not able to create your own advert we can create one to your specification.

We may charge a fee for this help.

If you want to supply your own JPG it must be high definition and one of our standard sizes.

Adverts must be agreed by the 20th of each month for publication at the beginning of the following month.

Note that we do not publish the newsletter in August or January.

Copyright Permission

If you include any extracts from published material (words or images) make sure you have the copyright holder's permission.

Note that just because it's available on the internet does not necessarily mean it is free of copyright - this includes images on Pinterest.

Web content is already copyrighted and protected the moment it’s created - any "Copyright. All rights reserved." notice is just a formal notice of the fact.

This applies to images inserted using the Microsoft Office [Insert Online Image] feature - see Add online pictures or clip art to your file

If you use a Microsoft template Microsoft owns the copyright but allows you to use the media elements subject to certain restrictions. (Details here)

You can find copyright-free images at sites such as,,, and or

Using Google Image search you can set [Tools] [Usage Rights] to 'Creative Commons licence' or the Creative Commons search but do not assume that the search results are copyright free.